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Default Multivitamin recommendation?

A few years ago I was using Prevention Multivitamin for Women (Prevention as in the magazine). After starting with another multivitamin and then going back to Prevention I noticed a marked difference in how I felt when using the Prevention multis: very energized, whereas regularly I feel sluggish. Unfortunately the Prevention multis were discontinued.

Right now I'm using Centrum, but I'm in the Netherlands with a more limited selection that I would have in the US.

I searched for the nutritional content of Prevention multis, and it's here: http://dietarysupplements.nlm.nih.go...en&pageD=brand

Basically, a lot more of the various Vitamin Bs than Centrum. I also have a Sunwell Vitamin B supplement that I take sometimes, and I was comparing, and the sum of Centrum + Sunwell does is not even half the total Prevention had for the B vitamins.

My hair, skin and nails also improved when using Prevention, maybe it's because of the 300 mcg of Biotin.

So can anyone recommend a multivitamin with a similar profile to the one I linked to above?
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I'm not sure if you can find it in the Netherlands (maybe online?) but I lovvvve the RAW One for Women. I'm pretty sure it has all of the vitamins you are describing- it is a pretty complete vitamin. I have loads of energy and my depression has lessened as well. It's also a vegan capsule and very gentle on my stomach.

I would recommend taking a fish oil as well. It has really improved my hair and skin!
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I take Biotin separately in addition to a multivitamin.
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I take the ultimate one for active women. Its awesome and the lady who recommended it to me seriously knew what she was talking about.

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It also depends on your age. If you are menstruating you need iron.
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Thank you all.

Incidentally saw the RAW vitamins today (here in Netherlands), but they don't have the amounts I'm looking for.

I think I will find a Biotin supplement.

Initially I thought it could be the iron but the prevention ones didn't have iron to my surprise. , AnywayI'm adding more iron to my diet (such as quinoa) since I have always had problems with iron absorption.
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Why don't you try finding it online.. I take Mega food I will never use generic vitiamins ever..
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