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Last time I had tuna, I had it as a sweet potato tuna melt. I mixed the tuna with cottage cheese and salsa, put it on top of half a baked sweet potato, topped it with mozzarella, and then broiled it for a few minutes.
This sounds really interesting! I have a recipe for black bean and sweet potato burritos that sounds like an odd combination (black beans, sweet potatoes, a bit of peanut butter and spices, with cilantro and salsa in a tortilla) but is delicious. And I think the same principal is likely going here. I am going to try this one.
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With FF Mayo, diced pineapple, fresh parsley, red onion, salt and pepper. SO GOOD.

My cafeteria at work makes them like this and it's addictive. (I'm in a hospital and it's all really healthy food they serve. As soon as you try to buy unhealthy it gets more expensive. It's pretty incredible.)
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I dice up some egg whites and part of an apple, mix it in with a little garlic powder, olive oil mayo, and some smoked pepper. Instead of bread, I put it on top of cucumber or tomato slices. Yum! That's what I had for lunch!
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First I squirt the very dried out tuna (I squish it to death with a paper towel) with lemon. Then I mix mine with half an avocado, chopped onions, grape tomatoes, sometimes a few olives, and lettuce. It's SO good, I'll eat it as a salad and sometimes crumble a couple of WASA breadcrisps. Yum!

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I like it with a little light mayo, petite peas, diced up dill pickles and some pickle juice mixed in... I LOVE pickles!!! I will often then wrap the tuna in romaine lettuce leaves and eat them like sandwich wraps... YUM!
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I mix up a packet of tuna with half an avocado and a tablespoon of bacon bits, on a toasted bread thin or bagel thin. It sounds/looks sort of disgusting but it tastes amazing!
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If you like yellow mustard, try mixing canned tuna with mustard instead of mayo. It holds it together and tastes great. I eat it with just a spoon or on whole grain english muffins.
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If I mix it with a little mayo and some sweet relish I can just eat it with a fork!

But my other favorite thing to eat it with is the Silver Hills Little Big Bread, two slices is 110 calories! I just take two slices, lay down a slice of cheese, top it with tuna and put it in the oven for about 12 minutes at around 400 degrees. It's a pretty good tuna melt and not all bad for you.

My other favorite thing is to put it in pasta. I like to use brown rice noodles, mix in a tblsp of olive oil, a can of drained tuna, a serving or two of feta crumbles and it's really good! At least I like it, but I love tuna to death and I could eat it right out of the can, drained of course.
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I love tuna with some broccoli and pasta (egg noodles preferably, just tastes better for some reason) along with some garlic and parmesan cheese. Mmm! I also like it in macaroni and cheese, lol. You really only need a spoonful or two (less than 1/4 cup) of the mac n cheese then bulk it up with tuna and veggies.

I just realized it has been too long since I last had tuna. I may have to make some for lunch tomorrow thanks to this thread.
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