What do you do when you have a sweet craving??

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  • Quote: Fresh fruit.

    I eat fresh fruit almost every single day, and I've also started juicing fruit & veg and this definitely helps to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    Today I made fresh watermelon juice for the first time and OMG it would have to be the best tasting sweet drink I've had, like, EVER! Nothing added!! Very refreshing. The downside, it was a pain in the @rse to prepare (messy) and clean up after, but so worth it.
    I LOVE watermelon juice. Got hooked on it in Singapore - over crushed ice it was the only thing that revived me in that humidity. I do mine simply: chunks into the blender with a few ice cubes and whiz on high. That way you retain all the fiber. The blender just needs a quick rinse.
  • greek yogurt with all-fruit jam; sugar free hot cocoa for the chocolate cravings
  • I love the various types of ice cream and ice cream bars that weight watchers has. Its not unusual for me to want a "goodie" after dinner and it is very easy to save enough points to enjoy one of these at night. If for some reason, I am out of points, I will have a sugar free jello cup. No calories - no points.
  • Chewing gum, fresh fruit or (my favorite) a Starburst fruit chew (its SO yum and has only 20 calories per piece. One piece will kill your craving just like that! )
  • I'm the kind of person who, if I'm having sweets cravings, I can't have a little bit of what I want because then I'll go overboard (it happens EVERY TIME, so I'm not doing it anymore).

    I can eat sweet things, just not any sweet thing because it'll trigger me to overeat.

    One of my favs right now is a creamsicle-style dessert. It's super easy and low in calories.

    1 package sugar free orange jello (20 cals) (my fav is orange!)
    2 cups light cool whip (320 cals)

    Empty the jello packet into a bowl. Pour on 1/2 cup boiling water and mix for 2 minutes until totally dissolved. Then add 1 cup cold water. Refrigerate for ~45 minutes or until kind of set but still mixable. Add the cool whip and mix well until well blended. Refrigerate again for at least 3 hours (the longer it goes, the more it sets). Slice and serve.

    Make it kind of a bigger bowl. This recipe makes enough dessert to fill an 8 oz whipped topping container.

    The whole thing is 340 calories, and I usually slice it into 4ths and eat a piece for 85 cals. It's sweet and creamy and delicious.
  • Baked Apples -

    Cut, core and season with cinnoman/nutmeg/ginger/splenda/brown sugar/etc.

    Bake at 400 til it's as mushy and apple pie'ish as you want.

    Top with cool whip, frozen yogurt, ice cream, nothing, etc.

    I've also done this with pears.

    I do 1/2c. breyers carb smart vanilla ice cream (90kcal) and 1/2 apple (40kcal)
  • New discovery! Greek Rice Pudding! It's soooo good and you get 1/2 a cup for 150 calories! Sure to cure a sweet tooth
  • I usually have about 1/2 a tablespoon of Nutella smeared on a banana.