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Default Butternut Squash-I really want to like--How do I make it?

my neighbor brought me over some Butternut Squash. I have in the past not been a fan of squash. Please tell me how to cook this thing so it's good and I like it as well as my hubby! Please hurry, I need it for dinner!
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IDK, but I did find this link that looked yummy:
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Well, I've had it steamed with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray and black pepper TWICE. I just don't really care for it even though I really wanted to. It reminds me too much of raw pumpkin.
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is super awesome.
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I've actually added roasted BN squash to soups and stews, and chili, and it adds great creamyness and a good flavor. As well as fiber!

Just the other day I put it, garlic, a 1/2 block of FF cream chese, two handfulls of spinach and some skim milk in a pan and made "alfredo" sauce. It was GREAT and my DH had no idea there was any squash in there, lol...

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This butternut squash mac & cheese is DELICIOUS! My family requests it all the time.

^^ This recipe is from Martha Stewart. I tweak it to make it healthier: whole wheat or high-fiber macaroni, more ricotta (or add cottage cheese) for more protein, I use whole wheat bread crumbs ... and to make it easier, I often cook the squash in the microwave first (whole, poked deeply MANY times first, ~ 10-15 minutes) instead of peeling and cubing the raw squash.

But you can make it just like it's written and it will be so good. Enjoy!
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I love butternut squash just steamed with fake-butter and pepper, but I suppose it is an acquired taste. You can also roast it with a little bit of maple syrup drizzled on it. I also LOVE butternut squash soup.
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Where do you buy butternut squash? I don't see it at my groceries.
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I love it cut up in chunks, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, and roasted for about 30 minutes in a 350 - 375 oven. To me, it tastes a bit like sweet potato but it has fewer calories.

I also make a butternut squash soup. I'm not sure where I originally got this recipe, but my recipe card says it's adapted from some organic magazine:

1 tbsp olive oil or unsalted butter (I think I use mostly butter w/ a touch of oil)

1 small onion, coursely chopped

1 tbsp of honey

1 lg butternut squash, peeled & chopped into chunks (This is up to you. They want you to cut it in chunks so that you can cook it in the liquid, but I prefer roasting it and adding
the roasted squash to the liquid)

6 - 8 cups water of chicken broth (I use chicken broth. Also, you have to play with the liquid, depending on how much squash you have. If you make it too thick, it tends to be like baby food rather than soup).

1/4 c. heavy cream (I use a tablespoon or two of half and half instead, to keep the calories lower)

Heat the oil or melt the butter over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until it starts to turn golden (about 5 - 10 min)

Add the honey & cook until it bubbles.

Add the squash & 6 cups of the liquid. Bring to a boil & lower to a simmer; cook until tender & cool for 15 min (This step is only relevant if you decide to cook the squash in the
liquid rather than roasting it separately).

Puree the soup in a blender or w/ a hand blender (I use the latter). If you want the soup really smooth, strain it.

Return the soup to the pan. Add cream, salt & pepper. Heat, but don't boil.

I usually only make about half of this recipe, and I don't measure assiduously, which is why it's easy to make. Also, it freezes well.
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I like to roast chunks in the oven, then mash on my plate with some butter, splenda and cinnamon.

I love making squash soup - my recipe has an apple and chopped crystallized ginger in it. My friend makes hers with bacon.

I haven't tried it yet in beef stew, but I was just given 4 squash yesterday - time to give squashy stew a try!

And if you really WANT to like it, keep trying it. I learned to like asparagus as an adult after eating it many times. I wanted to like it, so I just kept trying it. Definitely try the squash with other flavors, and different flavors each time - it should work!

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I cut mine in half. Spread some low fat margarine and salt and pepper. Bake at 400degrees for about 45min or until fork tender. Then scoop out with a spoon mash a little and serve. LOVE me some B-squash
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I like it as a soup.... I like it as a soup where you just cook the squash with onion and chicken broth until tender then puree and add nutmeg , salt, and pepper. But you can also use curry powder instead of nutmeg to spice it up
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