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Talking Super healthy and nice snack, 140cal!

So, OMG... I just made the best snack in ages. I bought some tempeh today, and was wondering what to do with it and how to prepare it. What I did was the following:

- 25g tempeh
- 2 tsp sambal
- 1 tablesoon of ketjap
- 2 tsp vegetable oil
- big lettuce leaves

- cut off about 25gram of tempeh and chop it into small pieces (like tiny fries)
- put them in a little bowl with some ketjap, sambal and lemonjuice for half an hour
- use 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in a nice skillet and fry/bake the tempeh for a few minutes till dark

Serve on a small plate with lettuce leaves, and roll each piece of tempeh in a piece of lettuce before you eat it. It's nice, crispy and feels like you are eating a roll of something really unhealthy, but you are not! It's about 15 to 25 pieces, so it feels like you ate a ton also!

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This could satisfy my craving for something fried but a lot healthier. I'm definitely gonna try this. Thanks.
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