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Default Pickles and other foods

Why have I not been eating pickles? They are low in calories and carbs, take FOREVER to eat, and give a lot of the "crunch" that I've been missing. I've been sitting here snacking on the same pickle for about 10 minutes and I'm still not done yet! The flavor is also so strong that it seems to have taken away my insane cravings that I've been having. Next time I get an almost uncontrollable urge to stuff food in my face, I'm going to go get a pickle instead.

Does anyone else share my new found love for pickles or have any other foods that they use to take away the urge to snack?
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I LOVE pickles too! I find that anything with vinegar helps curb cravings. The only thing you have to worry about is the sodium level. Chug some water as you snack.
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Yep, the only reason I don't go pickle crazy is the sodium.
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i eat pickles all the time!! They rock!
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That's good to know!! I always get pickles on my chicken pitas and I feel slightly guilty because I don't count the calories, good to know they're low cal. I knew about the sodium though, so only have a few!
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I am obsessed with pickles!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo good!!!
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pickles and other vinegary foods also have the added bonus of lowering your blood sugar after a meal, which causes you to have less intense insulin spikes and less hunger cravings. Just watch your salt intake.

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pickles help me a lot too!! i only use them when i'm going realllly nuts, because they're so high in sodium. but i figure sodium is way better than extra calories.
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Pickles are yummy, though I try not to eat them a lot because of the sodium. But snacking on pickles is much better than snacking on potato chips, I suppose.
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Pickles add zing to lots of foods. I quick pickles cucumber, radish, onion and carrot regularly and eat it with my meals. As a kid I loved those giant dill pickles from the barrels -many stores now have them vacuum packed in single serving bags. We would carry our giant pickles around for hours and munch on them. Just gotta watch for the sugar content on some pickles- there can be lots of it in some pickled mixtures that do not taste all that sweet. Luckily I am a big water drinker and not sodium sensitive.
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I love pickles and also those little jarred green pepperoncinies (these are hot so eat a few and you have to drink alot of water... then you feel full!).
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I love pickles too, if you happen to be a costco member, look in the refrigerated prepared foods section (there is pre-sliced cheese and mozzarella balls and other specialty prepared foods in that section) for "Carnegie Deli" pickles. $5 for a huge container. They are the best pickles I have ever tried! I throw some in a baggie and take them to work. The spears are big and last a long time while snacking.
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Pickleholic here. I really love 'em. I love the Kosher Dill ones from Trader Joe's. I drink a ton of water anyway, so I don't worry about it. I love olives as well but they are so fattening considering the little bites you get. Really runs the calorie count up. My TJ's Dills don't!
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O M G. Me+pickles=LOVE
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Frozen green grapes are delicious to snack on and only 3 calories per filled with lots of vitamins. I work overnights as a night stocker and when I get home at night I need to eat something just to get me to sleep and a cup of frozen grapes is great.
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