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Default Magic food????

Is there ANY food that you can eat tons of without really counting it bc it doesn't matter? Besides lettuce, I guess...
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celery? lol There aren't many in that category.
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You can pop a number of grape tomatoes without it adding up too much
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I guess you could say grapes. You can only eat so many and a cup is only like 100 calories...

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Diet popcorn.... 15 calories per cup!
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I consider all non starchy vegetables pretty much "magic"- a universe of variety and incredible nutrition for a handful of calories. Nobody gets fat from eating too many carrots- they just turn yellow
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air popped pop corn, no butter, no salt.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Unfortunately just one ICECUBES!
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Whenever I've overeaten such super-low calorie foods, I've experienced dire (and definitely un-magical) consequences - like diarrhea and wish-for-death stomach cramps.
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I can't say that there is anything that "doesn't matter"...everything is a choice and every choice has it's impact. That said, if you're looking for things that are less likely to mess up your plans:

Raw cauliflower/broccoli are fantastic for you, packed with all sorts of good things, and require lots of chewing.

Also, air-popped popcorn can be a good snacky food...
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I guess these aren't actual foods, but I don't really count black tea, diet soda, black coffee, or gum toward my calories.

Maybe cucumbers? pickles?
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a bag of shiratake noodles only has 20 calories if you need to feel like you are eating pasta.

But i would have to go with the air popped popcorn as well
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There is no magic food, but there is something that increases your energy, decreases cravings, improves your overall fitness, helps dispel a bad mood, and boosts your metabolism. It only takes about half an hour to prepare, but you need to be a part of the process the whole time.

It's a walk, and every day I kick myself for looking for a "magic bullet" for improved health, yet never got off my *** and took advantage of one of the best ways people have of being healthier.

Aside from walking to keep cravings at bay, most non-starchy vegetables are pretty low-impact, calorically speaking. Leafy greens are good for taking up space. Air-popped popcorn's also a good choice.
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