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Jen- we are in completely the same place! I find myself eating all the same veg you do, over and over. And, also like you, I'm not bored by that at all- it's easy and makes meal planning simple and fairly fool-proof. Still, probably good to start working other things in...

I do want to point out tho, that buying bagged bell peppers is actually cheaper than buying fresh for some people. Right now I can get a huge bag of frozen sliced bell pepper for the price of a single fresh one. When things are out of season, buying frozen is sometimes a much cheaper option. As long as you're getting nothing added, it's a pretty win-win trade imho.
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This is going to sound weird but I eat Kiwi's skin and all, like you would an apple. The skin gives it a tart, sweeter taste and it's delicious! The skin also has lots of antioxidents and fiber.

If the "furry" feeling bothers you, wash the kiwi and don't dry it before eating.
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My goodness this is certainly a comprehensive list of suggestions! I can barely think of anything that isn't covered already! But I did come up with one: eggplant! I like it sauteed and served with tomato sauce (usually make a light one with plain tomatoes). And how about Brussel sprouts? A love or hate thing, I know, but roasted brussels are delish! And they are available frozen and can be roasted without thawing.

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About the green peppers -- personally, I like red peppers & consider them a near staple -- they are one of those veggies whose price fluctuates insanely.

When they're cheap, cut them up in strips, stick then in a baggie that locks tightly, and freeze them.

Same thing as buying them already frozen.

(Because I just picked up red peppers on sale the other day & am planning to freeze most of what I bought for further winter use.)
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Actually my problem is I'm trying to eat more fruit. Except that I'm not a fruit person. Fruits I like are grapefruit, kiwi, banana, oranges, apples and that's about it. I love berries of any sort bluberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. I'm not a fan of any melons, pears, peaches, plums, etc etc as I think it's a texture thing. Is there any way to prepare fruits to make them more palatable?
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I hacked it into chunks (I don't have the best knife skills, but it gets the job done) sprayed it with cooking spray, sprinkled with salt and pepper and dried Italian herbs, and roasted everything at 400* for about 40 minutes.

I roasted a swet onion at the same time, and they were absolutely delicious together.

It's possible I'm going to OD on roasted butternut squash over the next few weeks, because I am making that again!
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Wow, what great ideas . . . I was thinking a spaghetti squash with some of your pepper stirfry and a little spaghetti sauce, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a nice salad with a light vinegrette . . . YUM, YUM, YUM . . .

2 salads; have you thought about a fruit smoothie . . . so many combinations you could do and YUMMIE!!!!

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I think everyone has covered everything! I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned zucchini though! I pretty much live off of zucchini! In Montreal, it's one of the cheapest, along with green bell peppers and eggplant. I like to use all three in stir fry and any Italian dishes! My family is Italian and my father always used tons of vegetables to make giant pots of sauce on the weekends that would last for weeks frozen or in the fridge. I like doing that so I have fast but healthy dinners any night (sometimes I omit the pasta and JUST eat a little bowl of sauce - it's delicious and the sauce was always my favourite part anyway!).

As for fruits, I just recently started going for grapefruits! They always confused me... as a kid I thought they were just huge oranges. I would definitely try grapefruit, honeydew melon, or cantaloupe.
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Are we there yet?
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Also, if you want to make any pasta dish INSTANTLY healthier and lower in calories (I love pasta... I can't give it up), there is a way to replace the pasta itself with zucchini... I've never tried it but I plan to soon! I believe there's a recipe on epicurious (the recipe involves some sort of sauce, but I referred to it solely for information on the zucchini-pasta half).
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What about okra, fresh figs, variants on fruits you already eat (e.g., blood oranges, pluots), tomatillos, rhubarb (for sauces or jam), radishes, or pumpkin?

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