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For me, giving up coffee, and caffeine in general, has made all the difference. I have very sensitive blood sugar levels, and a very high stomach acid coffee in general caused a lot of "highs and lows"/ blood sugar crashes that would cause me to feel starving and eat eat eat.
I gave it up, along with some other things in October and have lost 17lbs since then. Do I miss it? Yes! I also miss my other first love, Diet Mountain Dew. Sigh. But I cannot have them in moderation, one cup or can leads to another... and thus.
I'd try it out and see if you notice any changes!
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I could never give up coffee! Not only does it keep me awake during the day, it suppresses my hunger so I'm not eating all the time.
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I lost 122 pounds in a year drinking a pot of coffee a day (black) so I can't say it slowed down my weight loss. And I've kept the weight off for almost nine years, drinking my beloved coffee. Same with diet soda. I gave up a lot for weight loss, but I'll never give up coffee and diet soda!
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Originally Posted by Chrztina View Post
Does it matter what kind of green tea you buy in order to get the full health benefits? Does anyone drink tea that is not bagged and then strain it?
I love my coffee in the morning with my breakfast, I have to have it. If I want to relax in the late afternoon/evening I have herbal tea. About half of the tea I own is loose leaf, I have a tea pot with a strainer in it to keep the leaves out of the water. You can also buy tea strainers or empty tea bags. I really like being able to mix my own tea blends with the loose leaf tea.

For green tea I have heard that yerba mate is supposed to be better for you, I like it with lemon. You do have to be aware of how long it steeps for, otherwise it will get bitter.
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I'm a bit late to this thread, but I was wondering the same thing about coffee so I thought I'd skim through it! I'm a complete coffee addict (I have pretty awful insomnia, so I cannot get through the day without coffee every couple of hours)! I'm counting calories, though, so I figure as long as I don't overdo it on the cream (I never add sugar!), it should be okay. And for days I'm cutting it too close to the limit, I can switch to espresso - I find that a shot or two of espresso is much easier to drink black than regular coffee, and it has less caffeine so it's a good evening solution!

It's good to know that there are people who lost weight without giving up coffee, as I don't think I could ever haha! My father has always told me as long as I drink at least an equal amount of water for all the coffee I'm consuming (in addition to normal water intake), it should counteract any dehydrating and negative effects!

Also, like some people mentioned, I find coffee actually helps my cravings! At least for me, I have (had!) a tendency to snack while studying, so having a nice mug of coffee gives me something to "snack" on, in a way, without the calories of the things I would otherwise be reaching for!
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