Anyone tried PB2? Wudya think?

  • I came across this in a rambling web search and it looks good but since there are no stores in my area, I would have to order it. I am hesitant to do that without a little input.

    Here is the link if you want to check it out:
  • I swear I did a search for the topic and it came up with nothing. I now see the post below on recipes.

    :rolls eyes:
  • This looks so awesome! I cannot see that you can buy it in any stores, I may have to order this on line even though it is quite expensive - really seems worth it to try!
  • I love it! You have to order 4 jars of it online but don't be afraid to do it. I went through the 4 jars fairly fast, re-order 4 more PB2's plus 4 jars of the chocolate Pb2's. I'm not crazy about the choclate but it's good mixed with SF vanilla or chocolate pudding. I've gone through 12 jars of it and finally asked my local Hy-Vee store if they would bring it in so I didn't have to pay postage. They did and now they can't keep it on the shelf. I got sick of waiting for it so I placed another direct order for it and now have 4 more jars of it. One of my favorite recipes is a raw veggies dip which makes raw carrots, celery, etc, not so boring. Here's the recipe:
    8 Servings of 1 oz. @ 34 calories
    48 grams of PB2 mixed with water to make a paste
    3 Tablespoon lite soy sauce
    3 servings Ginger (12 grams) I buy this in a tube in the produce, or you can grate up fresh ginger. Don't omit this, you need it.
    1 teaspoon Splenda or a few drops of liquid stevia or powdered Stevia
    1/2 cup rice vinegar
    2 teaspoons chili powder
    Dash Cayenne
    1 teaspoon Gar Gum (a thickener from health food store)
    Mix above with enough water to measure a full cup of the finished sauce. Whisk together and refrigerate. The Gar gum doesn't need cooking like corn starch, just stir it in and after a couple of hours in the frig, it thickens itself.
    If this has too much bite to it, add a tad more splenda or stevia. The Gar Gum is a wonderful product for thickening foods and it lasts forever, very few calories. You can make home made puddings with it by mixing it in with the dry ingredients or with cold recipes like this peanut sauce.
    Pb2 makes a good peanut butter sandwich too.