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S/C/G: 212.5/182/155

Height: 5' 7"


Canned Beans: cannellini, ff refried, black, kidney
Canned Tomatoes: stewed, diced, with chilies
Unsweet applesauce
Canned chiles
Pasta sauce with low sugar/no added sugar
Canned tomato sauce
Canned mushrooms
Canned soups
Smoked Oysters
Salad dressing - olive oil based
Frozen vegetables: edamame, spinach, brussels sprouts, green beans, asparagus
Fresh vegetables: celery, carrots, cabbage, onions, radishes, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, organic spring mix, tomatoes (usually cherry or compari) are standards - then whatever's in season.
Cheese (low fat or strong so only a small amount is needed) At least 3 of: feta, blue, cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, swiss, 2% cottage. Sliced, block or shredded depending on what's planned.
Frozen: lean ground beef (raw and cooked), steak, BLSL Chicken breast, cooked shrimp, sometimes pork loin,
Whole wheat pastas, WW Rounds, WW English Muffins, Low carb tortillas (some fresh some frozen), oatmeal, Low-fat triscuits, ww bread
Fresh fruit: apples, pears, berries, cantaloupe, grapes.
Canned fruit or in single serving size: mandarin oranges
Olive Oil
Olives (black, green, calamata)
Vinegars (apple cidar, white, rice, balsamic, red wine, white wine)
Lemon juice
red & white wines
Dark chocolate
Cinammon, backyard herbs in temperate weather, seasonings.
Teas (caffeinated and decaffeinated) and coffees.

Yes, I could cook for a week without going to the grocery store. I try to buy when there are deals or specials and tend to stock up.

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Fun thread!

coffee and orange pekoe and herbal teas
unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
w/w english muffins
activia yogurt (not low fat)
raspberries, strawberries
frozen blueberries
frozen bananas
oranges, lemons, limes
onions, garlic
avocado and salsas
spinach and lettuce
organic chicken broth
canned tomato
canned beans
sunflower and pumpkin seeds
flax seed
almonds, walnuts, brazil nut
millet, quinoa,
rice, pasta
squash, sweet potato
oils and vinegars
haddock, halibut, salmon
shrimp, scallops
fresh lobster (hey, I'm in Nova Scotia)
Lindt dark sea salt chocolate
Amy's brand soups, meals and pizzas for convenience
Edited for -
fresh herbs- mint, basil, cilantro
soda water

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New Calorie counter so my list is small.

Boiled eggs.
Garlic Salt (i know...i know)
Instant Oatmeal.
Romaine Lettuce.
Wheat Bread.
Deli meat.
Frozen berries.
Caffeinated black tea. (Zero calories, tastes better than coffee and still gives me a boost. Right now I'm loving Plantation Mint by Bigelow.)
These arent food but I cant operate without them so they are on my MUST HAVE list: Active multivitamin, L-Arginine for blood pressure and Osteo flex for joints.
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Originally Posted by angelskeep View Post
pork loin (I grind it for homemade super lean sausage)

london broil (for super lean and cheap ground beef)

ground turkey only the white meat kind and if it isn't on sale and I run out I sub home ground chicken breast meat
I never thought of grinding my own meat. What a great idea!

Originally Posted by river View Post
Lindt dark sea salt chocolate
I didn't know this existed - it sounds yummy!

My list:

yogurt (whichever I can find with the most live cultures in it)
dried lentils
dried beans
canned beans
whatever fresh produce is on sale
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
shrimp, salmon, or tilapia
1% milk
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