I Thought I Had A Problem Solved!

  • ...But didn't. I love raw sliced onions on sandwiches, wraps etc. I try to keep the leftovers for a couple of days but had given up on that because of the odor in the fridge when I use a ziploc bag or plastic container. I just hate opening up the fridge and stinking up the kitchen or making my other food smell/taste like onions. So last night I sliced one up and thought I had the perfect solution......I put the leftovers in a glass jar. It was one of those mason type jars with a wide mouth and separate glass lid with the metal hinge that closes over the top (I don't have the rubber ring that should go with it). Still have a stinky fridge this morning!! I hate wasting a good onion....lol....and like having it sliced and on hand for a quick fix. I may try one with a screw on lid next time.

    Anyone have any ideas on this??
  • I bet if it had the rubber ring, it would work. That would seal it up tight. I have thought plastice containers where the four sides snap down and there is a silicone seal along the inside - those might work, too. Or maybe one of those food savers where you put it in the plastic and it vacuum packs it?

    I think you need something that seals air tight.
  • could you freeze it? or grill it and freeze it?
  • I use Tupperware or Rubbermaid or a clean mayo jar, never had a problem. Have you tried putting an open box of baking soda in your fridge ? It is a big help with odors .
  • I put my cut onions in a Glad plastic container. It snaps closed and haven't had any problems with onions.

    Cauliflower, I did have some odor problems. So I cook, then freeze them.
  • I have a round plastic onion looking plastic thing that snaps together. It works great an lets no oders out and keeps the onion fresh.
  • You could maybe try freezing it or getting a really good plastic container?