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Pretty harmless really...
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Default New Seasonal Silk soy milks

I see they now have chocolate mint soy milk, yummy that sounds good to me! Has anybody tried it yet & if so, whatcha think? 1 cup is 90 calories, I think that is a good caloric count & I'm thinking it would be great warm, for a peppermint patty over New Years! Being I don't do the artificial diet hot cocoa due to all the FAKE sugars that those suckers are ladened with. FYI, they also have pumpkin spice flavored for 160 calories & of course the holiday Nog too!
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I haven't tried it, but I'm definitely going to pick some up now! I love chocolate soy milk although lately I've been having unsweetened chocolate almond milk (45 calories per cup!). This week though I picked up some rice nog because it was on sale and I look forward to some eggnog this time of year. I haven't tried it yet and even though it's not low calorie (160/cup), it's still a lot less than regular or even low fat eggnog which usually has around that many calories for a half cup.
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I'm not a chocolate fan, but the pumpkin spice is very good. I usually put a bit in my coffee at this time of year. The nog is good also, but I've not had "regular" nog in more years than I care to count, so it may not taste like the real thing.
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That sounds so yummy I love Mint Chocolate anything I can't wait to try this.
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yum its amazing what people come up with nowadays haha.
when they come up with chocolate/strawberry milk that is 0 calories. then i will be excited
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I'm already on my second carton of the chocolate mint kind. It's great - even a half cup of the stuff is VERY satisfying for dessert since it's so thick!

I was leery of the pumpkin spice and the nog but it looks like 'bacilli' above liked them so I'll give them a try too.
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I bought some of the chocolate mint last week and it was amazing. I really wanted to try the pumpkin spice but it had so many more calories than the chocolate. I noticed after I purchased that the chocolate is sweetened with stevia - fine by me, we enjoy stevia occasionally as a sweetner. wish the pumpkin was lower cal too, i bet it would be awesome in chai.

the chocolate mint was good heated up, but I actually preferred it cold a bit more. The mint was really refreshing.

I usually get the holiday nog but haven't picked that up yet this year.
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