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This is the Last Time!!!
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Default Seriously! What do you spend on Groceries per week?

I am spending way too much on groceries. I want to know, honestly, how much you spend on groceries each week, what plan you are on and what do you normally buy and for how many people? I am buying for just my husband and myself and I am spending over $100 per week on groceries and it has to stop. We are both on plan, I am CC and doing moderate carbs and he just eats whatever I tell him to. LOL!
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This is the Last Time!!!
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Forgot to mention that hubby is on low potassium diet related to kidney disease, so beans are out.
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This is not helpful to you at all, but I only buy groceries for myself (and supplies for my cat, if that counts) and I spend at least $100 per week. Granted, I live in a pretty expensive town, but I don't buy too extravagantly (e.g. rarely get organic, don't buy out of season fruit, etc.). It's certainly easy for the bills to rack up when one chicken breast is $7.

I calorie count, and most of my groceries end up being lean meats (3-4 chicken breasts, a couple of fish fillets), veggies (red potatoes, a bunch of asparagus, mushrooms), low-fat dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, half and half for coffee), and fruits for snacking (bananas, apples, occasionally some berries). The cat supplies add close to $15 per week between food and litter.

A friend of mine has a strict budget of $120 per week for her and her boyfriend, and in order to stay below that she spends a LOT of time searching for sales and driving to different grocery stores to get the items she needs. From what I can tell, getting your grocery bill down requires meal planning and a willingness to drive all over town to get sale items, but it can be done!
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I shop for my husband, son and myself and spend at least $100 per week. I plan menus ahead and shop sales. There are certain products I buy organic, others I don't. My son eats the same thing most every day and so do I except for dinner and so does my husband. I'm scrupulous about not wasting food and it's still hard to stick to my budget. I live in NYC, which means some things are more expensive, others less expensive. I find I have to shop several different stores to stay in my budget. One thing I will say is that we eat a lot of meat because my husband has a very physical job and feels he needs to eat a lot of meat (can't convince him otherwise). I shop sales and freeze a lot. This does also include his and my lunches which we bring to work, son eats school lunch.

I do SBD, which means lots of veggies, but these really aren't the most expensive portion of our bill.

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We just bought basics for the week at our local grocery store, i.e. fresh veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions and bell peppers, along with some milk and deli ham - $65. The majority of our shopping comes once a month at a big store in a neighboring town, and we spend about $225 there for the majority of 3 weeks worth of groceries.
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it is stupid how much money goes out, in this house, for groceries. i try not to think about it. it would make me crazy lol
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It's just hubs and I and we spend an average of about $50 - $65 a week on groceries. I try to shop sales and according to a list but it's extremely difficult to come in at any kind of a decent budget, especially now that I'm really trying to be healthier in my food choices.
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Shopping for two I usually spend around 120-140 for 2 weeks so about 60 to 70 a week. I tend to buy a lot of fresh veggies/fruits and different meats. I cook 5-6 days a week and husband takes leftovers to work so we dont spend extra money on his lunches.
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If I wanted to live cheaply my grocery list is about 50 bucks for the week, assuming you have things in your kitchen already, like flour and salt and pepper...

2lbs of Oatmeal with the proper serving is less than $3.00. You can get about 30 servings so that is breakfast for a month.

5 Bananas at <50 cents a pound, breakfast for the week
Other items you can get to add: Almonds, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit
Otherwise, this provides a really well rounded breakfast meal with fiber to keep you full till lunch, complex carbs for long term energy, and the banana gives you instant energy as well as some great nutrients. Sometimes I sub half and apple for a banana.

Eggs are also cheap and the great thing is... Leftovers + Eggs = Omelet

I buy bulk Spring Green mix. Because the greens are already small, you do not need to chop them up. I have 5 Tupperware containers that I throw this salad mix into and it stays fresh for the entire work week. This mix is 4.99 a pound and you can get a weeks worth for far less than that.

I get cherry tomatoes which is about 3.49 because they can go right into the container and will stay fresh for the week.

Cucumbers which are .89 each and will stay fresh cut for the week

Cut carrots <3.00

That is the basis of my salad. I usually mix up the rest of my ingredients every week so it's never like "Oh... Another salad." Low fat feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, peppers, lunch meat... You can usually throw something from dinner in too. To supplement this I usually have soup, for convenience I get Campbells Select Harvest but they are about 2 bucks each. Still... it's cheaper than buying lunch everyday.


Lean cut meats on sale. I have a deep freezer that I just chuck meat into any time there is a sale (wrap up servings separately and label them with the date of purchase and what it is. Sometimes you grab chicken only to find out it's pork...)

Canned veggies aren't that tasty or appealing but for a cheap dinner, they work.

Rice is also a good poor food because you can get a giant bag for cheap.

If all else fails... Ask a college student. They are masters of eating for dirt cheap. XD
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OMW to a brand new me!
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I am buying for 6 people, and spend about 150-200 a week. Depending on what I need to get. But...we go to farmers markets for produce and stuff like that, and we have a fantastic Trader Joe's, Henrys Market and a WinCo all really close, so we get lots of bulk stuff, I make my own broths and soups etc.
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I spend about $50-60/week for myself, my college-aged son, and my cat. My son and I are both substantial people (I'm tall and fat, he's very tall and athletic). I jump around between a food co-op, Aldi, and Cub and tend to buy stuff on sale, but I don't cut coupons or go crazy finding the best deals. I use the farmers market when it's in season, and I have a small garden.

I eat meat about three times a week, and do a lot with lentils and fresh vegetables. I waste nothing - I make stock out of leftover vegetable bits and meat bones, I make breadcrumbs and croutons out of stale bread. I freeze leftovers.

I use for those days when I can't find anything to eat and don't want to go to the store yet. This, actually, saves me a lot of money.

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I grocery shop for my brother, mom, and me and we spend 150-200 every 2 weeks. We just go to your typical grocery store.
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Wow. I'm a little embarrassed now. For three of us, I usually spend about $250 a week, including toiletries, cleaning and paper products. Granted, I tend to buy a lot of organic things--and my son alone can easily drink over 2 gallons of milk a week. I'm calorie counting and doing low carb. For dinner we usually have beef once, fish once or twice, tofu once, pork once, and chicken and/or turkey the rest of the days. I buy a lot of fresh produce, and very little prepared foods. My husband and son often take sandwiches for lunch, so we do spend a fair amount on cold cuts.
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For two adults, we spend about $400 a month, excluding paper products, toiletries, etc. We try to use our local Aldi and super Wal Mart when we can, to save some money. I have a bad habit of stocking up on multiples of things in the mistaken belief that it will keep me from having to go back to the grocery store every week. Never works that way, lol!
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Is there a reason you can't eat beans? (edited to add: I understand why your husband can't eat beans, just was wondering why you wouldn't)

We spend about $300/month eating mostly organic based foods. We eat lots of beans though, lots.
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