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I should probably sit down and figure out how much I spend on groceries... maybe I could budget better. It is about the only thing we spend money on any more. The problem is - where ever I go, it is usually a $100 tab.

BJ's Wholesale (weekly/biweekly): Diapers, TP, broccoli, eggs, dairy, OJ, carb balance wraps, peppers, bread, fruit cups, frozen spinach, salmon

Big Y (weekly/biweekly): more veggies, frozen meals, other frozen veggies, things I don't want to buy in bulk, fresh fish

Butcher Shop (once a month, if even): meats - turkey, chicken, pork, beef

I stock up on spices, barley, quinoa and other dried goods from a Mennonite store in PA when I am out visiting my parents.

Trader Joes (every 3 - 6 months): wine = 3 cases = $100 (though, I guess THAT doesn't count as "groceries")
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I'm Just a Little Crazy
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
We don't have cable television. We bought digital converter boxes, and the digital channels that come free are enough variety for us.


We watch movies online (but are considering Netflix or a similar program).
We don't have cable... the price kept going up and up and we did away with it. (We do have cable internet) We were up to like $129 a mo for cable TV and internet (with NO movie channels). I thought it was outrageous! Now, we have internet for $29.99 and we bought a Roku box to watch the instant watch stuff on Netflix through our TV (you can also use it to rent movies through Amazon, listen to Pandora and a whole bunch of other things). The Roku was $100 (hubby used b-day money) and we dropped our netflix down to the lowest plan - 1 DVD at a time and unlimited instant watch. I think we pay like $8.99 +tax. So... we only pay like $39 a month when we used to pay $129. Cha Ching! Netflix has really expanded their selection, too. Tons of stuff for our toddler. Lots of new movies, old movies, anime for my hubby, TV shows for me. I am addicted. (can you tell?)

So - no cable, no land line (we do have cell phones), we don't go on vacations, we hardly ever go out to eat, etc. We really do ONLY spend our money on food.
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We live in the lovely, relatively expensive San Diego area, eat mostly organic and high fiber foods, and are a family of four, though the two little ones are only 4 and 2, and I spend 200-250 every two weeks. I avoid packaged foods as much as possible, buy a lot of things in bulk, such as sushi rice, nuts, and whole grain pastas, and I go online to compare sales between my favorite stores to select who I will shop with this cycle. I usually buy the bulk of my groceries at a regular store and a few specialty items from Trader Joe's or Henry's Farmer's Market. That 200-250 includes diapers and wipes for my littlest.
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I'm originally from San Diego and found the produce/food prices much cheaper there than anywhere else I've lived. I was kind of in shock when I moved from So Cal when I realized how much groceries cost more elsewhere. When I go visit my mom, I stock up on some dried beans/grains and also enjoy shopping for cheap fruits/veggies while I'm there
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