greek yogurt. uhmm NO

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  • alright i tried greek yogurt, and NO! it is gross! i know so many of you swear by it. so what did i do wrong. it was vanilla sugar free. it had the consistency of watery glue, and i've never eaten glue, but i bet it would have tasted better.........YUCK.

    what are you guys doing with your greek yogurt to make it palatable?
  • LOL! One, it's all about the brand! Some taste like sand, some like glue. I'm partial to Dannon Greek yogurt myself.

    To acquire the taste for it, I started out by mixing it half and half with my favorite yogurt. I kept increasing the ratio in favor of Greek until I liked it by itself. I also mixed it with fruit and/or Fiber One. Now I love it plain, but love it better with fruit. Oh, "plain" yogurt is like sour cream! Blech!
  • oh boy, i dont know eliana. i am scared it really as good for you as everyone is saying lol...

    i mean i'm all about trying to get healthy and all, but ima gonna have to pick my battles this one worth it
  • Which brand did you eat? I love chobani pineapple.
  • Eh, I'd just eat the paste but that's just me.

    Some things I just can't develop a taste tolerance for no matter how hard I try. Greek yogurt is one of them.
  • That sounds like it would be awful! I personally love it. I buy the 2%, I think that the low-ish fat ones are thicker. Also, I buy it plain and then sweeten it myself with some stevia, it makes a huge difference! The first time I tried it the tang was just too strong for me, but a bit of sweetener goes a long way. I scoop some strawberries on top and throw some chopped nuts on. It feels like more of a thick cream and it's nice and sweet!
  • "whispering"....... krogers brand.

    but in my defense i only wanted to try it lol
  • Seems like I'm an oddball but the only way I find it palatable is as a substitute for sour cream. I buy the Fage 0% plain.
  • I am tying it tonight. I have the yoplait brand and I can't afford the more expensive brands and I am pretty scared since I don't like sour cream.
  • Fage 0% plain with two packets of Equal. Sometimes I put fresh fruit in. Blueberries work well. mmmm
  • The only kind of greek yogurt I eat is the Chobani Blueberry one, any other brands or flavors, I find gross.
  • Yoplait Greek yogurt tastes like shoes (imho). I do like Chobani or Fagi or Trader Joe's brand. It helps to mix in some fruit and or granola to give it some extra flavor and texture. It's one of my favorite snacks!
  • Oh, dear, I must be pretty hardcore. Lately I eat the plain, zero percent fat for breakfast. Just like that. Only a spoon required.

    All the premade flavored yogurts are now too sweet for me.

    I love the sourness of the plain stuff & the contrast with biting into a piece of fruit or a spoon full of berries.
  • If you buy Dannon or Yoplait, there so called Greek Yogurt is a joke. Try some of the real thing - with nothing in it - and add some fruit to it.
  • i haven't tried greek yet. i can't get past $1 a little cup. that was yoplait. i don't think shop'n save carries a generic yet. i'll try any generic, most of the time i like them just as much as the brand name.
    the kids and i both love yogurt and cottage cheese. we eat it all with in a day or 2 from the store. longer if i really ration it lol. the only yogurt i ever tried that i didn't like was the 'whipped' kind. idk. just didn't like it. the texture i guess. can't think of ANY other food that the texture bothers me. weird.