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RoseRodent 11-04-2010 03:21 PM

(Gripe) Low sweetness foods
Why does it seem next to impossible to get things that are actually low in sweetness, not just low in sugar? OK, we should all be cooking everything fresh (right, not going to happen, specially when you are disabled!) but I bought some low sugar low salt baked beans and they were the most unpleasantly sweet things I have ever been exposed to. So I had a check over the ingredients (usually I'd have done this before, but thought I knew what was in baked beans) and found there was some sugar in there, and also some saccharin. They were repulsive. I've had cotton candy that was not this sweet. (UK people help me out here, cotton candy is candyfloss, right?)

Equally I searched for hours in yoghurts and similar experience, you can have them with lots of sugar or you can have them with "no added sugar" but loads of sweetener instead. I want a yoghurt which is simply not as sweet. I ended up buying plain yoghurt and a separate pot of fruit puree to stir into it, but that's not the most practical when you are travelling, specially as the unflavoured yoghurt comes in a 16oz tub! The winner was a toffee "low fat" yoghurt boasting about its 102cal per pot goodness yet listing sugar, glucose syrup, corn syrup, molasses, brown sugar AND sweetener!

I know sugar is used as a cheap bulking agent and that we have been/are being trained for sweet and salty tastes, but surely it can't be this impossible to find unsweetened food? I gave up trying to find a chicken soup (chicken soup!!!) with no added sugar! :stir:

SCraver 11-05-2010 11:45 AM

omg! I feel your pain. I have had this battle with fruit cups. I get fruit cups b/c they last a lot longer than fresh fruit (I get both - eat the fresh first, then have the cups for back up). SO - I don't like canned fruit b/c canned food has a lot of BPAs in it (unless that has changed since I did my reading on it) from the coating they put on the inside of the cans - so I try to go for the plastic cups. The plastic cups only come in syrup or light syrup. I just drain that off and just eat the fruit.

One day, I go into BJ's and see "No Sugar Added" fruit cups. I thought I hit the jack pot. I bought two cases and took them home only to THEN discover in the corner where is said "Splenda". wft. Fruit IS sweet - there is no need to add to it. Back to the store I went - I returned it all.

The same thing happened to me with the "lower sugar" instant oatmeal. They add less sugar and then sweeten it up with artficial sweetner. It isn't TOO bad tasting. Since I opened it, I feel like I need to use it up. But WHY, OH WHY can't they simply JUST do less sugar. Period.

Yogurt is a PITA, too. I like Stoneyfield and Chobani. But both do have quite a bit of sugar in it (but at least it isn't HFCS). Chobani you can kinda scoop off the top and leave the fruit in the bottom.

tea2 11-05-2010 11:50 AM

It drives me crazy that the 100% whole wheat bread at my store has sugar listed as the first ingredient and the 60% whole wheat has it as the third. :mad: I can't do artificial sweeteners either.:mad:

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