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Default grape washing, and other fruit

i just bought some seedless grapes and they have a "chemical" taste, even after the usual rinse i give all the fruits and veggies when they come home. so i washed them in dawn dish detergent, (maybe not a good idea, i dunno) and then rinsed until they were literally squeaky clean.

does anyone have suggestions for proper fruit and veggie rinsing before consumption? i'm pretty sure dawn dish detergent is not the answer!

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i sometimes let grapes soak in a big bowl for a short while, just a few mins, then i pour them out, and rinse them again. I haven't had any funny taste issues. As far as the soap you used, I'd be a little concerned with the soap that got into the grapes that were off the stem. Soap may have been exposed to those grapes! Be careful!
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Biokleen. A little goes a long way.

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I probably would have taken them back to the store if I had time- chemically grapes sound scary.

I mean normally I just give my grapes a few good rinses then let them sit a few minutes in cold water before I serve them
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I rinse or soak, then drain, and spray with white vinegar/water, then rinse again.

I have a big spray bottle already mixed with w.vinegar/water that I also use to clean the counter and sink with. Keeps everything squeaky clean and deodorized including my fruit

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I have washed grapes with Dawn too! Sometimes they get a kind of sticky dust on them that's hard to get off otherwise, and it does have an off taste. It might even be natural -- grapes have yeast and funguses on their skins. (It sounds gross, but that's where wine comes from -- those same critters doing their work.) I don't think it does any harm once in a while. Otherwise I just use water.

I read somewhere recently that plain water was just as good as those liquids they sell for cleaning fruit, that it's actually the physical rubbing action rather than the liquid that gets rid of most of the pesticides and/or bacteria. So maybe a soft brush would help.

If you have garden produce with caterpillars, soak em in salt water! They get woozy and lose their grip and they're easier to rinse out.
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I use a fruit & veggie wash that has orange oil for stuff like berries and
grapes. For other things like potatoes, cucumbers, things I'm going to peel...I use dish soap. Why not - I wash my dishes with it?
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thanks so much guys
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