• Anyone have a juicer they really like and use a lot? Would love to know model and brand.

    Also--any great recipes for me?
  • Love my Vita-Mix 5200, I got it at Costco not too long ago.

    I've been drinking a mixture of spinach, broccoli shreds, carrots, tomatoes, small cherry tomatoes, and then whatever fruits I have on hand pretty much every morning.
  • Vita-Mix
    Saw the Vita-mix on Costco site and have also heard great things about it. Cost is scary to me though.What is so different about Vita-mix from other juicers (if you know)?

    When you mix your things together is there a certain ratio you do....like 1 carrot, 1 broccoli, etc.....I know I'm really literal with this and probably not as hard as I think.....just wondering about how to get this to taste good as well as be healthy.

    Really appreciate it.