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Default Greek yogurt

Am I the only person who finds Greek yogurt disgusting? This is the 2nd time I have tried it and even after putting it in the blender with frozen strawberries it tasted like sour milk to me. How do people eat this stuff?!
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I don't like it with anything like fruit, but I find it makes an awesome replacement for sour cream!
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Have you tried it with sugar substitute and vanilla or almond extract? I also think the best brand out there is Fage. I also like it with pureed strawberries and sugar substitute.
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Are you eating plain? I couldn't eat the plain at first to save my life. Had to eat the vanilla. Even now, I have to put a little honey in my plain Chobani.
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I like the Fage brand also, but it's just thicker, it still tastes like yogurt to me.

I just had some plain Chobani with a little vanilla extract in it and a small sliced banana... it tasted like banana pudding to me. I guess you just get used to it. I tried a Yoplait yogurt a couple of days ago and it was too sweet for me since I'm so used to the greek yogurt now.
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I tried a bunch of it too. And really didn't like it. The calories seemed high and fat high too...but I do like the plain greek gods one as sour cream. 10 calories per ounce...that's good for me!
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Oikos had some with honey in the bottom...I ate em I can't wrap my mind against using it as sour cream. I LOVE sour cream.
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Well I must say I am surprised! I absolutely LOVE Greek Yogurt and eat it as a dessert with a chopped banana. Delicous!
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The brand makes a big difference to me, my favorite brand is Brown Cow and Fage comes in a close second. I didn't like the Chobani at all, it tasted too sharp and bitter (I had the honey sweetened flavor). I just buy the vanilla flavored ones and usually add in almonds and berries but I like to keep the plain on hand to use in place of sour cream as others mentioned.
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I love it!! Love the plain one with a tsp of honey, perfect!
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I don't eat, with a spoon. But I'm not real big on yogurt anyway (except McDonalds Parfaits). I LOVE it as a sour cream replacement and I make a FANTASTIC (if I do say so myself...haha) sausage gravy with it.
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I tried the vanilla because I knew I would not like the plain. I am in Buffalo NY right now but I will be home tomorrow and I think I will try and pick up a different brand and possibly add some honey like a few here mention. I just hate to waste money if I end up not liking that either.
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