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Default Going Bread-less?

I'm a night-time binger. I can go throughout my day just fine. But once I get home from work/class, LOOK OUT! I eat ravenous way through dinner and then raid the kitchen for more.

One of my biggest downfalls is bread. I can easily consume half a loaf of bread in one blow. I've been buying and eating Sara Lee's 45 calorie bread. While fewer calories make my binging less disastrous, it's still horrific. And Sara Lee is quite painful for my college-student food budget.

I've decided to kick bread to the curb. I think the only way I can control myself is if I first rid myself of junk foods and binge 'triggers.'

My question is: Now what?

99.9% of my diet lately has been comprised of sandwiches.

What is a good bread alternative? What else can I use for a turkey and tomato sandwich? What else can I buy on which I can spread some of my sugar-free blueberry preserves?

Thanks for the advice, chicks.
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Lettuce makes a wonderful wrap for holding a sandwich filling. I like romaine and butter. Just place meat, cheese, etc on one leaf and roll. Yummy! You can also just have a salad with your favorite sandwich fillings. For example instead of a BLT sandwich you can just have a bowl of greens with bacon and tomato. Lightly dress and enjoy!

For the SF preserves I would suggest apple or pear slices. Maybe even a cheese slice. Or celery with some peanut butter or cream cheese and top with the preserves. You can use light versions of pb or cr ch to help with calorie counts.

I hear you about the bread. I am a total binger when it comes to bread so I too try to keep it out of my diet. It can be done and really in time you won't miss it
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Instead of sandwiches I eat large salads In the winter those salads turn into soups. Lentil soups full of veggies, homemade chicken and vegetable, etc.

It's hard to give up bread but it can be done! I used to eat a lot of bread also- now I might have a slice or two once or twice a week. Mostly on weekends.

Also- sounds like if you are ravenous as night you aren't eating enough during the day. My days are full of food (also since I started a harder exercise program).

Here's a typical day for me lately:

B- 1/4 cup bear naked granola (maple pecan), 1/2 cup plain lowfat yogurt, 1 cup strawberries (or another fruit)- mix it all together, let it sit a few minutes, then enjoy- it'll take a bit to get used to plain yogurt but the fruit helps.
L- large salad with protein, cheese, avocado, carrot, tomato, onion, etc- anything I want I put in it. Sometimes beans as well.
S1- a luna bar or a banana or apple with peanut butter- to me my snack needs to be at least 200 calories
D- grilled protein with veggies, tonight is lean steak with peppers, onions, and zucchini- I'm going to put it in a foil packet and cook it on my grill for a few minutes until done- YUM! I marinade the steak in low sodium soy sauce and worchestire sauce along with balsamic- freaking YUM!
S2- if I still want another snack I'll cup up some cauliflower and eat it with ranch or sometimes I'll have a 100 calorie popcorn, etc.

That gets me a good amount of fiber in my day, lots of protein- and ZERO bread! It was so hard for me to quit but now I am much better. I rarely want bread now- I still love it but I only eat whole grain or whole wheat bread now.
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I CAN do this!
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love curry in lettuce wraps. can make a lowfat version w/curry seasoning instead of the paste. yum!
also love basil pesto in tuna salad w/ light miracle whip. adds great flavor. great on lettuce wrap or tortilla wrap.
i only use a tiny amount. bought a jar still have it months later. chopped basil has sim. flavor w/o the fat! can grow your own or buy it in a tube in fresh herbs section of grocery store. keeps for 2 months! have other kinds-parsley, cilantro, ginger etc. lots of flavor no fat! plus vit. C.

totally aggree with soups. lentil, minestrone, veg. chilli...so filling! if you can, chicken stock adds tons of flavor! and tons of veggies. eat in color! like carrots & fav greens in lentil soup.
dried beans are dirt cheap! if you are in a hurry, can start with a can of soup and veggies. so much salt in the canned, so veg.helps.
love baked squash and sweet potatoes. just pop in oven. easiest ever. sp are even portion controled lol! and so filling
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Wow, there are some good ideas here. I also phased out bread. I figured out any sandwich I want can basically be made in salad form... and I eat some fruit with it to get the carbs I was getting from bread. You can also incorporate healthy grains into your salads - like brown rice, quinoa, or couscous if you want those carbs.

As for the sf blueberry preserves, you could spread it on fruit, or mix it into oatmeal, plain yogurt, or cottage cheese.

Good luck! Without bread there's more room in your diet for fruits, veggies, and protein, so you might have to initially spend a little extra time prepping food and planning. However, it's completely possible! Good luck.
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it's always something
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I agree with the salad suggestion I rarely buy bread and do have a hard time resisting it. When I do buy it, I freeze it in 2 slice packs - but most of the time I don't have bread in my house. Sometimes I buy pita bread and stuff it with veggies, and don't find myself tempted to overeat it. But back to the topic, put anything you'd put on a sandwich into a large salad. You'll probably miss the bread at first, but you really will get used to it

For your blueberry spread, I would suggest wholegrain english muffins that you keep in the freezer. If you find you can't resist them, then ditch the blueberry spread and have a bowl of blueberries. I buy large bags of frozen blueberries from Sams Club, and thaw a bowl full right before serving.
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I use Mission Carb Balance Wraps. I have an egg and cheese wrap every morning for breakfast. They are packed with a whopping 200 calories, BUT they also have 21 g. of fiber. Goes a long way to reach that daily requirment of fiber. AND you can't binge on them or you will be very sorry. Lol!
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I did not eat bread (or other refined carbs) for over a year and it really helped to get rid of the craaavings. Now I allow myself a burger with bun once a month when I go antiquing with the girls, and the only bread I eat is what I bake. I do a simple Zoe Francis (sp?) 5 minute dough that is just flour, water, yeast and salt. I bake a single serving and have it for dinner as the "star" along with some lean protein and vegetable. The home grown tomatoes are still great so I have it with sliced tomatoes and some shrimp on the side. Without the protein I am a bottomless pit on bread. This bread does not keep so it takes planning and a bit of effort and I really appreciate it when I have it, but it, by nature of the rising and baking process, is not an impulse food. It is great also that I am only making the serving size (get more crust that way as a bonus)
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I go for lettuce wraps or open faced portabello sandwichs!
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I don't eat bread, bagels, muffins, or coffee cakes. No pie or cakes. Haven't eaten it in years.
I have fruit trees, berry bushes, and grape vines... and make gallons of juice every year.
I freeze the juice and drink 10 ounces juice every day. It regulates my blood sugar.

I don't make pies or any other desserts with the fruit...just juice. No wine.

I never make jam as I have nothing to spread it on. And I don't buy jam.
I do eat crackers occassionally, but never buy jam to put on them.

I would suggest you give away your jam and forget about making sandwiches.
Take your lettuce and turn it into a salad. Slice the ham and put it into the salad.

Bread is like pasta...just a cheap filler. Why load up on empty calories?
Potatoes and brown rice are more nutritious than white bread.

When I go out to dinner with my friends...if there is a bread tray, I will eat a piece. I never order sandwiches or hamburgers.
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