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Default Really...these are my options at Islands...any other suggestions?

So I unexpectedly have to go to Islands tomorrow for lunch and I checked out their website and here are my otptions.

Turkey Burger Lite (670 Calories)
Sleek Greek Salad™ (341 Calories)
No-Blame Grilled Veggie Tacos (477 Calories)
Northshore Tacos, Limited (589 Calories)
Small tortilla soup (310 cals)

I wanted to go with the Toritilla Soup, but it's 105+ degrees here and soup probably won't be apetizing. So I'm thinking the Veggie Tacos, but that's a little more cals than I like to spend on lunch, but I can make it work...if not then I'll go with the cardboard Sleek Greek Salad...I think what was most appaling is I looked at the salad I used to get and it was over 1000 cals! And I thought I was making healthy choices! Oh restaurants how I loath you when I'm trying to stay on plan! Anyone know of something else at Islands that's tasty and under 400?
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I don't have suggestions for you, but I feel your pain! I have to watch fat grams and I'm vegetarian, so it really narrows down my options. It would be nice if restaurants really gave us some options. Good luck with your lunch!
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Actually, tortilla soup is good when it's hot. After all, they eat it in Mexico! It's the only soup I make in the summertime. It's very spicy and somehow the heat in heat works!
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When I went to their restaurant site for nutrition info I was shocked like you at how high their calories are, but when you click on Paradise Bikini Beach modifiers I see that their whole wheat bun has 320 calories!!! If this burger is served on a 320 calorie bun then I'd just ask for the burger without the bun. The steamed veggies are only 110 calories. That means (and this is only if I'm calculating correctly) that a burger (without bun) and steamed veggies come in at 350 calories. That's if the veggies are included in the calorie count of the Turkey burger lite.

Hope that gives you some ideas. Almost every sub menu offering has a modifier list so maybe you could find a way to eliminate something off your favorite dish to bring in into your calorie range.

Good luck and enjoy!

BTW, I just double checked their nutrition site and the veggies are included in the calorie count of the Turkey burger lite.

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Another trick is to get something like tacos and not eat the tortillas (or if it's a plate of 2-3 tacos, eat just one tortilla). You can eat the filling with a fork.

Also, at some Mexican/TexMex restaurants the nutritional info includes all the sides that come with an order -- like guacamole and sour cream. I know guacamole is a good fat but I don't really like it that much so I always pass it up.

Lastly, check out the "side orders" section of the menu. Sometimes you can put together a nice little meal taking from there.

If you're sitting inside and the AC is blasting, the soup might be nice!
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