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Becoming a Butterfly
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Default Best chewing gum?

Okay, so when I get tempted to do some "recreational eating" as I call it I've been chewing gum instead. Usually Extra spearment but I'm sort of getting bored with it. Any suggestions for other kinds of mint gum and/or fruit flavored gum?

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Lets try this again
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All Orbits are good! 3 cal a piece I think. Peach is good, melon mint... I chew sooooo much!
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I love Stride gum because it really IS ridiculously long lasting. Sweet Peppermint is my favorite.
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The girl who can
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Extra Polar Ice
Dentyne Arctic Chill
Orbit Bubble Mint
Orbit Fruitini
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Another one addicted to Stride Sweet Peppermint. (That's the one with the light ice-blue packaging.) I buy this in ridiculous quantities when it goes on sale.

And Aliquot & I are not the only fans, cause I swear this flavor runs out during the sales before any of the others.
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I love 5. The green one (spearmint) is my fave.
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Trident has some nice flavors out now--much bigger selection than I remember a few years back. My kids bought some just yesterday. It is sweetened with Xylitol too.
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Pretty harmless really...
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I love me some HUBBA BUBBA Ouch bubble gum, what can I say Im a kid at heart!
It has 1 gram of sugar alcohol & 5 cals & blows AMAZINGLY big bubbles!

It comes in a cute pink box about 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches size and its 2 tone pink by wrigleys with a green bandade looking dude blowing a bubble. Try it I am sure you will love it too!

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I love the Extra Peppermint. It seems to keep its flavor the longest. Interesting because I usually prefer spearmint over peppermint, but in the Extra....I like peppermint better.
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Trident Layers is pretty good..the strawberry and apple flavors. I'm getting a little bored with it though, I'll have to try the Stride soon.. I have some coupons for that one!
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Orbit's Sweet Mint is the best! I love it and it helps with the curbing of eating when your bored
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This is interesting because in the past my experience was that gum seemed to stimulate the digestive juices and make me hungry. Maybe I need to try some of your recs just to see. I am a "chew" person.
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I pretty much always chew Trident White. I like fruity gum.
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I love love love Orbit Pina Colada gum!!! I am chewing it right now since i wanted something sweet after lunch.

Also a fan of Extra Berry Smoothie. It tastes like the stuff at the bottom of mixed berry yogurt.
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