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Default Small Ataulfo (yellow) mango

Today, I bought some tiny yellow mangoes at the small oriental market near our house.

The sticker convinced me. It had a little color strip to identify the ripeness (and the mango matched the sticker perfectly in the container I chose).

The id number on the fruit was 4312. I love these PLU stickers on fruit, they help me identify fruit varieites (because brand names can differ for example. flat peaches may be named saturn peaches, ufo peaches - plum/apricot crosses can be named pluots or dinosaur eggs...)

Each fruit is about 2 ounces (weighed whole with skin and seed), and about 2 to 3" long. And about 70 calories for two fruit (1 fruit serving on exchange plans).

Normally, I'm not a big mango fan (I like them, but don't LOVE them), but I love trying new fruit (and the mini-fruit are just so cute).

I have to say, it's the best mango, I've ever had (and a new favorite). They're perfectly ripe now, so I put them in the fridge so they'll keep.

The seed is super thin, and the flesh is really smooth and velvety (sometimes mangos are stringly).

It's sweet, but the mango taste is more sublte than the larger, deeper orange mangos.

The skin is a gold-yellow and the flesh is only a little darker. More gold, than orange.

I eat 2 to 3 (50 to 70 calorie) servings of fruit daily, and try to pick fruits that are easiest for me to portion control (when I buy grapes or cherries, I have to portion them into small ziploc bags, before I eat them - and even then portion control is sometimes tough).

The only problem with magoes this small is that I am tempted to have "just one more," but it's still better than buying a whole large mango, and deciding I should eat the whole fruit, because I don't want to store half a messy mango in the fridge (and I could eat about 5 or 6 of these little mangoes for the calories of one big mango - not that I'm going to do that, of course).

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