Easter Dinner

  • I am making Easter Dinner this year. I really want to make it healthy, well as healthy as I can.
    So far we are going to making:

    Roasted Asparagus
    Mashed red potatoes

    The rest I haven't quite figured out, does anyone have any fresh ideas?

    Also I plan to make two desserts, anyone have some suggestions, I need one that incorporates chocolate. The other I would like to be something with fruit.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  • Easter Dinner
    For Easter, I am making ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and crescent rolls. For dessert, I'll be serving chocolate mousse pie. Just buy a graham cracker crust and fill it will sugar free chocolate pudding and top with reddi whip. Not too unhealthy.
  • I am making ham, faux mashed potatos (made from coliflour), and veggies. For desert I am making frozen penutbutter banana pie. Take 2 cups of fat free/sugar free vanella ice cream, add 2 heaping table spoons of creamy penut butter. Mix well. When the icecream becomes melty (like a shake) add one large chopped up banana. Mix well. Put in grahm cracker crust and freeze. I like to put banana slices on top, too cause it makes it all pretty.
  • I got this cake recipe from somewhere on here and made it last week, using banana flovored pudding mix and chocolate cake mix and it was pretty dang good. Makes 16 servings at 144 cal 2 g fat per serving. I made it in two 8" square pans so I could freeze one cake. I bet you could use just the ff/sf coolwhip and fresh fruit as a topping, too...

    Chocolate mix + 12 oz Diet Coke, Yellow Mix + 12 oz Diet Sprite, but have fun! I have had Diet Coke in

    yellow mix and it is really, really good.

    For frosting, blend a packet of fat free, sugar free pudding with fat free cool whip. TRY

    IT!!! )

    We are having ham steaks, baked potatoes mashed with buttermlk and butterbuds and yogurt, and I'm not sure what else yet. This will be my first low cal/low fat Easter...oh...maybe I can do deviled eggs, too. We can cut 'em into little tiny pieces so I can lick one. Robert likes asparagus, so likely I'll make that for him, and prolly salad for me. I guess I'm not quite ready yet.

  • For dessert angel food cake with roasted strawberries. It's low cal and super yummy. Just google roasted strawberries and you'll fing tons of recipies. You can make a little whipped cream for those who want some.
  • I'm debating lamb vs. ham.

    We always have asparagus, and it will simply be steamed. We will have baked sweet potatoes. Maybe roasted broccoli.

    I will not offer dessert, but my mother will probably bring a slice of cheesecake for herself.

    I miss the home-made smoked kielbasa and the paska that were always part of Easter, but thankfully, I'd have to go to a certain Polish deli in Yonkers or into the city to the East Village to get these, so they won't be on the table tempting me.
  • I'll be missing the marshmallow/sour cream/coconut/mandarin orange/pineapple/maraschino cherry/walnut "salad" we have always had ever since i was a little girl. Prolly a week's worth of calories in a spoonful of that stuff. No way to make just a taste and I won't throw it away, so we just won't make it this year. If we have fruit, it will be fresh and not fat and sugar laden. I sure like the idea of roasted strawberries and angel food cake...Robert said YUM when I was reading the post to him.

  • OhSoMeanJean-I know this seems really obvious, but sometimes simple is best. For your fruit dessert, why not make a pretty fruit salad? They are kind of hard to find, but Dole makes jarred peaches that really taste 1000% better than canned. Chop them into chunks. I start with that. Then add sliced strawberries, bananas, fresh blueberries, red or green grapes and a can of pineapple chunks. Then add a bit of orange juice if you want. Maybe a tad bit of sweetener if you need it. Add some chopped mint and that should be a really refreshing and light salad! You could use all fresh fruit for less calories I'm sure. Put it in a pretty glass bowl for your table.