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Default which food are you really excited that it's healthy?

...i was making some peanut butter on wholewheat pita bread earlier and i thought.. jesus, i am sooooo happy i can incorporate pb in a healthy diet!

what foods do you have that are in your favourite food category and that you used to eat both before, during, and even after your weightloss? for me, it is definately peanut butter and broccoli. PB i use much more strictly now, but broccoli..i could eat it by the bucket before, i can eat it by the bucket now!! yehaw!
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Hands down, tomatoes. They're my favorite food overall. I can eat several at a time, or an entire bucket of grape tomatoes.

Second would be snow peas. I eat them raw as a snack, or sauteed - either way, they're delicious!!

Pears and pineapple are also up there for me.

*cough* And chocolate and red wine!! Hope I'm not enabling there, but they can be part of a healthy plan ;-)
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Air popped popcorn!
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Peanut Butter(Organic, no sugar added) and cottage cheese. I put cottage cheese in EVERYTHING, in my salad, shakes, yogurt, fruit!!
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Kangaroo steaks. So lucky that we can get them freely here. 100 cal for a 100gm steak, which contains 22gm of protein and only 1gm of fat - one of the leanest, highest protein meats there is.

Don't want to overcook it though, it gets tough. Nice and rare.

I eat it probably 2-3 times a week. It's not the cheapest meat, but certainly my favourite.
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Tzatziki. It's about the only way I'm going to eat yogurt. 2TBSP is 35 calories and I usually do 3-4 TBSP for a dip with raw carrots and celery as a snack. Just had some. YUM.
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Spinach and mushrooms - something about those earthy flavors really satisfies me! And, oh yeah, thank goodness for peanut butter!
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my current obsession is slightly defrosted frozen unsweetened cherries with plain yogurt and a drizzle of agave nectar. soooo decadent...can't believe its healthy and lo-cal!!
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oh yes, a TBSP of peanut butter on whole wheat toast...mmm, with my morning coffee!!

and last September, blackberries from my little patch, so ripe they fall from the stem at the lightest touch, with nonfat yogurt (and a splenda packet). I bagged and froze them, and in the winter, would microwave a half cup until they were steaming, then dumped them on top of the yogurt with a little cinnamon. So satisfying!

Eggs..I love them. I love fresh best, but will also happily eat eggbeaters, which seem like such a 'freebie' at only 120 calories for a full cup.
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What I'm getting really excited about is that I can make healthier, lower calorie alternatives to almost any food! The more I read recipes and research products the more excited I get.
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westernsoutherngirl - I am currently obsessed with spinach and mushroom salads!

Renwomin - I totally agree. My sister just sent me a book, Cook This, Not That. It has restaurant favorites for reasonable calories! WOW.

I just tried Almond butter and I like it even better than Peanut butter. YUM.
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Tzatziki and balsamic vinegar.
Reduced balsamic is delicious on Everything. I'm hooked on spinach salad with strawberries, a little goat cheese and dressing is reduced balsamic with a little olive oil. I could eat it everyday
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Egg whites! I never did like the yolk and at 17 cals per egg white you can't go wrong...I usually scramble 2 for breakfast and serve on whole wheat toast

Apples (royal gala to be exact)..they're crunchy and sweet...a keeper. I'll be eating apples even after I lose the weight

Green tea...Nuff said. Love it!
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Broccoli and onions!! I ate an entire head of broccoli!
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getting less fluffy
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low sodium V8

turkey bacon cause it has no edge of fat
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