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Default Pffft At Serving Sizes

So I bought a few boxes of Crystal Light and Ocean Spray sugar free powdered drink mix packets (the kind that you pour into a bottle of water) in my quest to lower my soda intake (not easy when you work at a movie theater!). I noticed that the serving size is 1/2 a packet. Aside from the logistics of having an open packet lying around, the directions on the side of the box state to use the whole packet. So why on earth wouldn't the serving size be more realistic and be the whole packet (10 cals.)?
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I know what you mean! I like tomato soup in the microwavable bowls. It lists the calories per serving, but there are two servings in the container! Like you would just eat half of it!! Infuriating!! If a person doesn't know how to read the nutritional info, it is misleading.
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I have to say, that drink packet one is probably the most ridiculous one I've ever heard! It's not like 10 calories is a huge deal, either! 10 vs. 5...who cares??
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From what I've read in the past, its not the fault of the manufacturer's. It is actually part of a government regulation and serving sizes are set by the USDA or FDA, can't remember which. So a manufacturer figures out how much they are going to put in a food item but the label is somewhat out of their hands due to regulation.
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I would theorize that the reason one packet is 2 servings is because one packet is to be added to a 0.5L bottle of water. That is about 16 ounces of water (16.9) and 1 cup ie 8 ounces of water is a "serving" of water. Also, if they made one serving packets you'd have to add 2 packets to a bottle of water, which is less convenient and produces more trash, yadayadayada.

Of course, One packet is still two sweet for me in a half liter, so I often use partial packets anyway, when I'm using the water flavorings
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The government currently does not regulate what manufacturers call a serving. In fact, there was an article on about that. They are looking into what people consider a real serving and the junk the manufacturers put on a label to keep the calories low.
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