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Talking Frozen Hunger Buster! I'm in LOVE!

Hello, everyone!!

This may not be a "secret' but it's something I recently started doing to help curb cravings, odd stomach growling (you know, the kind you get after seeing a commercial for Dairy Queen or Pizza ) and when you need something sweet after dinner... or anytime at all!

I was walking through the grocery store a few weeks ago and saw a "Frozen Treat Maker" mold for $1.00. I picked it up, thinking it might come in handy and boy has it! For those who don't know what this is, it is a very simple "popsicle" mold. It is a little tray with four molds, and four pastic "sticks" that you put in after you add whatever you want to freeze. The compartments each hold 1/4 cup liquid.

This is my favorite "recipe"...

I measure out two cups of Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice, divide it into each compartment, stick it in the freezer and BAM! I'm done =)

The serving size is one cup, so each popsicle is half of one serving and each popsicle (which is all I ever eat at one time) has the following nutrition facts:

60 calories, 2.5 from fat
.25 Total fat
10mg sodium
130mg potassium
15 carbs
14.5g sugar
And: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12 and all the lovely benefits that pomegrante brings.

I absolutely love these frozen things =) They don't make me stuffed, but they sure curb my appetite if i'm hungry/wanting something sweet or extra. It might not be as healthy as a carrot, but it's a better alternative to a brownie

I am wanting to try this with a few more types of juices, and I would eventually like to add frozen fruits into the mix, maybe some granola.

I do not count carbs, and I know, for some, 14.5 grams of sugar is way too much, but I do not intake much sugar during the day and I use this as a "treat", so I am not eating one everyday.

Anyone have any other ideas to freeze and eat?

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I freeze and eat Gogurts. I love them. They may not be that great calorie wise but they have to be better than some frozen treats that I would rather have. Good idea btw!
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i don't freeze it, but sugar free jelly is my friend

15 kcals per portion, and you can add fruit in it or have it with fat-free yoghurt

excellent desert alternative!
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If you make jello and pour it into the pop molds before it's set, you will get drip-free pops.
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I like eating frozen grapes.
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Frozen grapes.... yum.
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I like sugar-free jello with ff cool whip...or crystal lite frozen bars are only 15 cal. each!
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