Turkey franks?

  • So on an impulse I bought some Jennie O Turkey Franks at the store the other day. I was there hungry, so I'm glad that's ALL I got out of there with, other than what was on my list.

    My husband has had turkey franks in the past and thinks they're about the nastiest thing he's ever had. I've never tasted them. Trying them for lunch tomorrow...what should I expect?

    Anyone else hate 'em? Love 'em?
  • I really like the jenny-o ones Now the oscar mayer 98% ff turkey dogs are disgusting! lol
  • I have a weird love of Jennie O Turkey Franks. I haven't had them in a while but I think they're great and pretty much like the real thing.
  • Thanks for the help y'all! I KNOW they aren't regular hot dogs...just wondered what to expect on the first bite.
  • Quote: I really like the jenny-o ones Now the oscar mayer 98% ff turkey dogs are disgusting! lol
    I get the 98% FF ones quite often, even though I agree they leave a lot to be desired! I discovered that a double layer of saurkraut and mustard makes them tolerable.
  • I ate these at lunch just like a hot dog...on wheat bread with relish, mustard and ketchup. They had a little different texture and a sorta different taste, but they weren't bad at all....good lunch option, and I'll keep the rest for food during the Super Bowl this Sunday...
  • I actually like the 98% FF dogs by Oscar Meyer. The texture is funky, but I actually like them a lot.
  • I grew up eating chicken and turkey dogs. I prefer the chicken ones. If I rarely find myself eating a hot dog of a different meat, it tastes weird to me. It's all relative I guess.

    Lately I like the Applegate Farms Uncured Chicken hotdogs. They're expensive, but at 3 g of fat and 60 calories, I microwave them and have a nice little salty snack. I have no idea what they'll taste like grilled, I don't have access to one.
  • We like the BallPark fat free turkey franks, they're bun length and 45 cals.
  • Hmmmm....only 45? That's crazy!

    Had the franks a second time today....this time browned in a pan with some nonstick spray. Really good that way...on bread with some 2% cheese, relish, etc. May have to keep these things around...
  • i'm not a fan of the turkey. I get the Hebrew National 98% FF beef franks