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I just hate cracking and separating the yolk from the whites, so I buy the whites in cartons. I can't ever do it cleanly, I get shells in it, etc. No shells from a carton...
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I usually on have eggs on the weekend because i dont have time during the week to actually cook a breakfast. I usually just make 1 egg instead off 2.
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I didn't mean to imply there's anything wrong with using egg substitutes/egg whites from as carton, if you know what you're buying and why.

Just that if you're opposed to the wastefulness of discarding an egg yolk or two, you should know that there's virtually always more waste associated with a processed product, than doing it yourself.

Convenience is a commodity worth paying for, and we all have to determine what our time is worth, and when we're willing to pay others to do stuff for us (and that's great as long as we know what we're sacrificing in return, and are ok with that).

To misquote mandalinn82 terribly: Of the three, you usually get to pick only two: healthy, convenient, and cheap.

On disability, hubby and I now have a lot more time than money, so we generally consider it "paying ourselves" to do more things ourselves.

Now that I'm doing so much more myself though, I'm constantly surprised at how little time the work actually costs us. We're not spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Our daily average is probably an hour or less (often much less, because we make a lot of fast-to-prepare, but slow-to-cook stuff, in the crockpot or in a dutch oven on the stove or in the oven).

For example, buying salad in a bag. The iceberg lettuce (carrot and cabbage, added usually) variety always tastes weird - like the bag, and it spoils in a few days. This week, I finally calculated how much time I "save" by buying the bag. About 15 to 20 minutes, at the most - so I'm essentially paying someone else up to $12 an hour or more for the chore.

However, if I buy the Sam's Club spring lettuce in the bag, there's virtually no difference than buying the lettuce and washing it myself (unless I had a garden and could grow my own). It's more like $2 an hour.

I guess you could say that I've determined that my time is worth less than $12 and more than $2 per hour.

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I'm not much of an egg eater (although this morning I had one of those Jimmy Dean D-lite bowls with scrambled egg white, turkey sausage, potatoes and a bit of cheese); if I do cook with egg I get Egg Beaters instead (which are now available with yolk). But Eat This, Not That says not to worry about the yolk because they think the nutrients in the yolk outweigh any concerns about cholesterol. ETA 01.12: of course if you really, REALLY have to watch your cholesterol intake YMMV

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I thought this was an interesting video on eggs. I myself usually eat one egg + 2 whites in my omelet, not because of cholesterol concerns but because of the extra calories in the yolk.
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