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Default Need ideas on what to feed my 11 month old

My daughter is definitely ready to start eating some real food. I plan to start weaning her off her formula soon. Along with her baby food, I have given her small pieces of banana. What else should I give her that is healthy? I'd like to avoid the things with perservatives, if possible. Thanks!
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Couldn't you use fresh vegies and fruits , with the aid of a food processor or blender, just to chop them up a little bit , This way you know exactly what is in her food, no preservatives. It's been awhile since I had to prepare baby food, but this is what I thought of when I read your post. Congratulations on thinking of what is best for your baby.And congratulation on the great job you are doing with your weight.
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Agree--use fresh fruits and vegetables pureed or w/itty bitty chunks. You can also freeze them in ice cube trays and then just warm up as needed.
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I never fed my son prepared baby food - I smelled it one time! Blech!

I just took extra of what we had, and ran it through the blender, adding water until it was the right consistency. Fruits I would "steam" in the microwave with some water. Same with acorn squash. Obviously, when he got old enough for meats, I'd cook those without seasonings before I blended them. I'd take the extra and freeze in ice trays and keep them in baggies. Super portable too - as I could take cubes with me and they'd be thawed out about when it was time to eat.

It was cheaper in the most part - except his favorite vegetable was asparagus.

Don't know if this is why, but I've never had a "picky eater". Sure, his favorite meal is hot dogs, mac & cheese and green beans, but note that he has to have his green beans or he gets mad! And his 2nd favorite is steak (or chicken cordon bleu), wild rice, and asparagus.

Anyway - if you do some research, there are some good sites recommending what order to introduce foods and at what ages. As always, there are differing opinions on all that. As my family has a ton of allergies, I'm probably more conservative than most.
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You can find a lot of foods now that have no preservatives in them. Look in the health food section, or go to a specialty grocery store. At 11 months old, the have the ability to eat harder foods, such as cheerios and graham crackers. My son is a huge fan of string cheese. Mandarin oranges, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes french fries (home made in the oven), or deli meat rolled up with cream cheese and cut into slices. The more foods you introduce them to now, the less of a picky eater they will be in the future, so don't be afraid to try.
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oops! I remembered a good one! Hard boil an egg and give them the yolk! I don't think they should have the whites of an egg until after 1 year.
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I'm a weightloss surgery person and battle this daily with my grandkids and family. I chose, after WLS, to go low carb. It has worked out for my DH and I. Now about the GKS. I want them to eat healthy, no added sugar, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and balance the carbs and the proteins out. They weren't started out this way and you would think that I asked them to eat poo!!! They are sent here in the morning with sugar-laden cereals, pop tarts, cookies, and crap. So, if they eat a portion of that junk, they have to eat a protein and a small piece of fresh fruit. My granddaughter wanted chocolate cake this morning!!!!! What has this got to do with your little child....start out right without adding sugars, balance the proteins and the carbs, offer fresh fruits and veggies often, cook a good healthy meal for yourself and run it through a little processor. Don't add fats or sugars if you don't have too. I wish I had the opportunity that you are having with your child. I fixed veggie tray, fresh whole wheat pasta salad, whole wheat homemade rolls with scalloped chicken, apple slices and you would have thought I was trying to kill them. Start your child out right and save yourself all of the heartache I'm going through right now. My little two year old GK, will eat raw broccoli and carrots with low fat ranch dip, and the older ones eat chips!!!
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My son started solids way early, but a few things he loved (and still does)

Home made guacamole (avacado, citrus juice,some sale 7 red onions, cilantro, leave out the jalapenos)

Organic single grain oatmeal, we add fresh fruit to the milk in the food processor so he gets blueberry, bannana, and strawberry, but his favorite is plain mixed with 1/2 milk, 1/2 applesauce & a sprinkle of cinnamon.

mashed sweet poatoes

pasta, you can just put a small portion with sauce and any meat you are using in the fp until smooth.

Remember to leave some chunks to let your little one get used to the texture of different foods.
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