Low-cal or sugar free pancake syrup?

  • I'm looking for a good low-cal or sugar free maple-flavored syrup. My favorite high-cal version is Golden Griddle, but it's 220 calories for 1/4 cup. Yikes! I've tried several brands of low-cal syrup but they are all so watery and thin. They just soak into my whole-grain waffle and make it soggy and gross. Has anyone found a nice thick substitute for normal pancake syrup? I know I can use sugar free jam, etc; what I'm looking for is something maple-y that's not all watered down and gross. Thanks!
  • I admit that I make my own syrups for waffles (not planned, just happened with an unplanned jelly failure). My first suggestion would be to use less than 1/4 (I find I can get by with less for a waffle if I really like what I'm using). You might find that real maple syrup (which is more expensive) might have more of that maple flavour and less is fine. The other option would be to say mix the sugar-free stuff with the Golden Griddle... say half & half. It would cut the calories pretty much in half and might be close enough that you don't notice the difference.
  • Trader Joe's sells an agave/maple.

    I personally use melted frozen strawberries for pancakes/waffles.
  • I would use the real stuff. I know it's not what you asked, but I think that it's better because you use less, and it's more flavorful.
  • You might try Grade B real maple syrup. I get it at Trader Joe's. It's as maple-y as you can get and only takes a small amount to impart the flavor. I probably use less than a tablespoon. I also use it instead of sugar in some baked goods because it's less refined and has more going for it nutritionally.
  • Unfortunately, I'm over 100 miles from a Trader Joe's. I wonder if I could find something similar at Safeway or Albertsons? Real maple syrup is great stuff but still high-calorie. Using less is definitely a plan; I did that the other day and chose to have a little more egg and only 1 waffle with half the syrup. It satisfied my "maple tooth" (heheh) so maybe that is just what I need to do.

    Note: I tried to thicken up the sugar free stuff with some cornstarch last night. What I got was a gelantinous mass of cloudy, kinda maple-y tasting goo. It was not a successful experiment! Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
  • Have you tried a lite syrup? They usually have about 100 calories per 1/4 cup.

    I like Maple Grove Farms, both their sugar free (for topping) and their 100% Vermont maple syrup (for cooking).
  • Yeah, I have tried the lite and the ones I have tried are just so thin and watery. They just instantly soak into the waffle or pancake and make it all soggy and mushy. Booo! I don't believe I have tried the Maple Grove Farms brand, though, so I will look out for it.
  • Add maple/vanilla extract & artificial sweetener
    Right off hand, without experimenting, I don't know how to make the lo-cal syrup thicker and less runny. (Maybe a little molasses would help?). The sweetness & flavor of any syrup could be enhanced by adding artificial sweetener and/or artificial maple or vanilla extract. AT any rate, it looks like your best bet it to concoct your own customized syrup. Good luck!