Ground Beef Question

  • I have a ground beef question. I'm doing ww and they have different point values for ground beef that is different percentages of meat vs fat. How do you know what percentage your ground beef is? I buy mine at the butcher so it has no nutritional facts on it. I'm from Canada so is ground ground beef maybe just labelled differently in the states?

    Also, since when I fry it I always drain away the fat and sometime even give it a quick rinse, doesn't that change the ratio? Wouldn't it all be fairly low fat that way? How would I calculate the percentage/calories/fat/ww points?
  • If you get commercially packaged supermarket ground beef, the percentage of lean vs fat is listed on the label. You get your hamburger at the butcher's?? Around here (Minneapolis), we have halal, kosher or other specialty ethnic meat markets, but other than those the free-standing butcher shops have all but disappeared
  • Draining and rinsing does indeed lower the calories. I would just count the calories as the leanest cooked beef, and go by the cooked weight you end up with after rinsing and draining, not what you start with.