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I try and try and try and I just can't seem to get into these milk alternatives. Couple days ago about I bought Rice Dream Vanilla, in theory is sounds great... in my coffee not so much. I have been mixing it with a bit of cream to try and use it, its okay, lol. I might try it in a ice coffee or something over the weekend. I wish I could get into it, for no other reason then a change from regular milk. I do wish it came in smaller containers.

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sotypical, I haven't found any milk alternatives that go good in coffee and tea. most soy milks just don't mix in coffee, rice and almond milks don't taste too good in coffee and tea.

I see someone mentioned coconut milk, maybe that might work but it's hard to find that brand, unless we can use regular canned type coconut milk?
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When I was LC'ing, I drank a LOT of WestSoy Cappuccino flavored soy's delish AND shelf stable (until opened, of course). I've also MADE my own soy milk, but we're not going to talk about THAT little adventure!

I must admit, though, that I LOVE plain old whole cow's milk AND goat's milk, but, as I can't have either while I'm trying to lose, I've been buying Hood's Calorie Countdown's as close to whole cow's milk as I've found.

Oh, I tried almond and rice milks...thanks, but no thanks.

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I tried Silk French Vanilla Creamer in coffee and it was a horrible experience. I absolutely did not like it. I only drink 1 16-20 oz coffee mug in the morning. I've yet to find the perfect coffeemate creamer subsitute. I don't use coffeemate creamer anymore. I am now using evaporated (not condensed) milk. One serving of it (2 TB) seems to take care of the milk part of it.

Almond milk - bad!
I do have regular Vanilla Almond Milk in my pantry to try.

I do like Lite Silk Chocolate milk just by itself.

Regular Coconut Milk, I did like the taste of it. I did not like it with cereal but plain and smoothies, yes. The brand I used was So Delicious Coconut Milk. I didn't try it in coffee though.
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