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Default vinegar question

I found a recipe that I really want to try in my weight watchers book. The recipe is for a black bean salad with salsa, sour cream, avocado, corn and tomatoes. The recipe also calls for apple cider vinegar. Could I substitute white vinegar? I don't use vinegar much and I have an unopened bottle of white vinegar in my cupboard.
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i'm sure any would be fine as long as you like the taste...vinegar doesn't really have calories, but i have seen it sometimes say 5 calories per serving.
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Apple cider vinegar is less harsh to me and the taste is better than the white, if you do use white you might want to start out using less than the recipe calls for and add to taste.
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I use plain 'ole vinegar too. It will be just fine.
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IMHO the taste will not be the same. Apple cider vinegar is mild and fruity and tastes good in dressings and sauces.

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i'm with kitty.
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Add a little apple juice to get that fruity flavor if you don't want to buy the apple cider vinegar.
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My favorite vinegar is rice wine vinegar, but If I could have only one vinegar in the house it would be white vinegar, because I can make a fair imitation of other vinegars with it by adding ingredients such as water, juice, wine or sweeteners.

Cider vingegar - white vinegar and apple juice. Once I didn't have apple juice, but had apple flavored drink mix (Walmart's version of crystal light) and used that instead (the prepared drink, not the powder).

Wine vinegar - white vinegar, grape juice or wine, sweetener or water

Rice wine vinegar white vinegar, water, sugar or Splenda

Balsamic - (haven't found a way to make a good balsamic vinegar substitute, but I have found a way to make a cheap balsamic taste a bit more like a better balsamic by adding a bit of molasses).

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