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  • Okay, top 5:

    cottage cheese
  • Amanda, I am totally with you on the ginger chews - I get kind of addicted to ginger flavored things - I always have to have ginger altoids with me

    Good olive oil
    garlic cloves
    shallots (my boyfriend doesn't know they are onions, and he thinks he doesn't like onions)
    canned beans (I am going to go to dried, i'll order from gordo rancho, but i don't get paid until monday

    Good thread, I like this one.
  • 1. Fat free cottage cheese - I absolutely love the stuff, I could go on an all cottage cheese diet if it was healthy!
    2. Milk - I have to have it in my daily cup of coffee.
    3. Frozen berry mix - I use it in my breakfast smoothies.
    4. Eggs - I have them for breakfast when I don't have a smoothie, and we have them for dinner once a week.
    5. Almonds - I have these for a snack daily.
  • Isn't it crazy how some things we like differ so much but some of the same stuff EVERYBODY just has to have!

    I saw a few people mentioned greek yogurt... it's one of few things i've never tried! Me thinks i'll be buying some very soon

    Thanks for all the replies!
  • Pris! That puppy........OMG is it new?

    I have been wanting a yellow lab w/ a black nose (yes specifically) forever.

    SO CUTE!

    Yeah, what's greek yogurt? I've been hearing alot about it on the forum lately.

    Also, saw alot of coffee lovers on here. Anyone use whole beans? If so, what kind? I'm looking for some different options b/c the DF bought me a new coffeemaker/grinder for my birthday.
  • Whole beans? why yes! Starbucks brand... mmmm....
  • homemade yogurt
    Joseph's heart healthy pitas
    salad greens, broccoli slaw
    teas (all kinds)
    rice cooker
  • I use whole-bean coffee, too. I find the best beans not at Starbucks (though they work in a pinch), but at a locally owned place that roasts them nearby. They have a better variety of flavors, and it's always noticeably fresher than the stuff from larger companies.
  • ok i gotta ask- what's up with broccoli slaw? i've heard it's awesome, that you can put it in just about anything (salads, stir frys, what have you) and i love me some washed and bagged veggies! but i cant find this!! is it in like a bag of salad that says 'broccoli cole slaw' or am i looking in the wrong place? also, what's it look like- what included in it?

  • Yes, broccoli slaw is like the bagged cole slaw mix (usually next to it in the bagged salad section of the produce aisle).

    I usually get Mann's, though I have bought other brands. Rainbow Slaw is also good, just not quite as "healthy" as Broccoli Slaw.

    I put some in my chili this afternoon.
  • Thanks Counting! I have NOT seen this!! It looks good too! Stupid grocery stores.... :P I guess since you showed me what it looks like at least I know what I'm hunting for! I'm on a mission now......
  • cheese of any sort
    special k cereals
    greek yogurt
  • 5 things is a hard choice-

    runner ups include cucumber, dark chocolate, english muffins, cottage cheese, green beans, sushi, hot pepper flakes, and my sandwich press.
  • Pre-bagged salads (great invention of this century)
    Buttermilk dressing
    Instant coffee
    Distilled or Purified water
    My vitamins
  • fish sauce (I love thai food, but I also substitute it for worcesteshire sauce)
    frozen berries, especially strawberies
    crisp, sweet tart apples (honeycrisp, fuji, braeburn, pink lady....)
    Emerald brand dark cocoa roasted almonds from San's club
    diet Mountain Dew Code Red