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Default Brussel Sprouts & Butternut squash

So, we went to Whole Foods last night. I decided to be brave and try 2 new veggies that I have not had before. I picked up a few brussel sprouts and some pre-cut butternut squash.

I have NO IDEA how to cook them? WHat is some of the yummiest ways to fix these veggies? I love to use my oven, but havent a clue in regards to veggies...
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Hey, search previous posts. I know someone recently posted about the brussel sprouts. Butternut squash I recently steamed with a little bit of cinnamon and 5 calorie butter on top.
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Butternut squash thread:
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I used to hate brussel sprouts and now I LOVE them. I was them. I wash them (often they've been precleaned so I only rinse them). Pat them dry with a paper towel or lintfree cotton towel. Then I quarter them and in a ziploc bag or tupperware container toss with a couple teaspoons of oil. Then I toss in seasonings (my favorite is ranch dressing mix powder). and pour the sprouts into a baking dish or baking sheet. They cook best if they're in a single layer. Then I bake at about 400 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Sooo yummy.
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I love brussels sprouts sliced thinly and sauted with some olive oil, onion, garlic, lean ham, and salt and pepper.

Brussels sprouts are also great in soups. I usually quarter them, so that they are bite-size. They really hold their shape and flavor well. I make a great soup with brussels sprouts, onions, a hodge podge of root vegetables, turkey sausage, chicken broth, and rye seeds (and salt and pepper to taste).
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I want some of Barbara's brussel sprout soup
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Hi Barbara! Hmmm, brussel sprouts in soup, there's a good thought! I really like them roasted as Kaplods said, though I just use saltand pepper and the oil. They get really sweet.

Butternut squash is good, but if you can find some other squashes, they're even better. Like hubbard, or delicata You can use them the same as the butternut.
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