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Question The Best Foods

I'm not new to dieting, but I want some insight on what kinds of foods I should be buying for the store.

I know the obvious. No cookies, sugary snacks, candy, etc. The problem I have is that I'm SUCH a picky eating. I cant stand vegetables. Tomatoes, celery, peppers...they all make me gag. I've tried them and I don't like them. I can eat green beans and broccoli, but too much of it makes me sick.

I LOVE fruit. Strawberries, grapes, plums, peaches, pears, apples, bananas....all of it, I love it. I know veggies are probably better than fruit, but I know they're both important. I also think the majority of "healthy" frozen meals are disgusting and a sorry excuse for a decent amount of food.

I do like the Smart Option pizzas. And I like wheat bread and pasta. I've found that when I try to eat healthy, it ends up being those frozen dinners, "low calorie" snack foods like 100 calorie packs, and very few things that probably really are good for me. I also like the low-sodium or healthy request soups, sandwiches with wheat bread, reduced fat provolone cheese, and lean turkey deli meat.

Does anyone have a good grocery list for me? I just don't want to eat seemingly healthy snacks and not lose any weight. What kind of foods can a picky person like me eat and still get everything I need in my diet, and lose weight?
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I to am a VERY picky eater, hated veggies but I have been very surprised that the healthier I eat, the more my taste buds change. Like I just recently discovered I really like broiled mixed veggies(squash, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots) a few months ago, NO WAY i would have eaten that. Last night, I discovered that i like sauteed slices of zucchini and squash, there again, a few months ago, I wouldn't have went near it. Just keep trying different veggies and differnt ways of cooking them. You can acquire a taste for them.
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Sorry to break this to you but those frozen dinners are NOT healthy. There isn't enough protein and veggies and way too much sodium and preservatives in them. Instead of eating the way you always have (that has helped you GAIN weight), you need to change to a more healthy diet. I have no patience with people who say they hate veggies. That just means they haven't tried to find the ones they like and ways to prepare them.

You will have to change the way you eat if you want to lose.

We are here to help you if you want.
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Thanks willow, that gives me some hope.

Quilter, your patience or not, I'm not a 10 year old child who hates broccoli just because it's green or his/her friends don't like it. I may be only 19 years old, but I'm not exactly a newbie to dieting or trying new foods.

I've tried numerous vegetables. I'm not scared to try new things, but I'm very aware of what I like and don't like having tried so many of them. I'm not going to force food I find repulsive down my throat just to lose weight. It's not impossible to lose weight with limited veggies. I lost over 30 pounds on Atkins eating broccoli as my ONLY veggie. The only problem is that I'm done with Atkins for good, so I have to find other ways to get the nutrition others get from vegetables.

If I wasn't willing to change the way I eat, I wouldn't be here. I'm not naive enough to think I can lose weight eating what I eat now.

And I know frozen dinners aren't healthy, hence the quotation marks I placed around it...and my original question in general.
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I say keep trying those not so great veggies, there are tons of recipes out there on creative ways of preparing veggies. I started with frozen spinach and just cut it up and put it in everything I made. I always like tomato (really a fruit) and onion so I add that as much as possible as well as mushrooms, sweet potato. Also, there are quite a few cookbooks for parents to sneak veggies into kids foods you might want to look through a few and get ideas on making healthy meals where you won't have to "taste" the veggies.
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Good idea. Thanks.
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I LOVE vegetables. My sister doesn't. Everyone has different things they won't/can't eat. I finally convinced my sister to try roasted mixed vegetables (frozen) and she found she loved them. Just put them in a pan, spray with pam and add what ever seasoning you like, and roast untill lightly brown.

Also, there is a book out that tells you how to prepare food with vegetables mixed in. It's by a TV star's wife, can't think of his name ro show. One of the stars now plays on "old Christine". You know the one, i'm sure. My mind just went blank. I read the book and she has lots of good recipes in there, with added vegetables that you can't tste.
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The book in mention is by Jessica Seinfeld and it is called "Deceptively Delicious". There is another book like it called, "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals," by Missy Chase Lapine. They both discuss creating vegetable purees and hiding the vegetables in food. Might be an option...
On the notes of picky eaters, my husband did not try a banana until he was 27. He also waited to try grapes until that year as well.
His mother is the pickiest eater I have ever known.
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It's not impossible to lose weight with limited veggies.
You're right. It's not. It's also not impossible to lose weight by throwing up, eating too little, or using drugs. That doesn't make it healthy. It's certainly possible to lose weight with limited veggies, but it's pretty darned hard to be HEALTHY with limited veggies.

Realizing that you're not a 10 year old - an attitude of "I'm such a picky eater" does come across as a little ... well ... kid like. The thing is that there are SO many different veggies and SO many different ways to fix them that making a blanket statement about not liking veggies is like saying ... I dunno ... you don't like colors. There are just too many of them, in too many different varieties for that to be a reasonable statement.

And tastes change as you get older - from kid to adult and even as you are an adult. I'll give an example from my own life. I've always loved most veggies but couldn't stand Brussels Sprouts. Never liked them. They always tasted bitter to me. Someone here recommended that I cut them in half and oven roast them with a little olive oil and ... lo and behold I LOVE them that way. I still don't like them steamed or boiled, but roasted - I ate nearly a whole pound of them the other night. Who knew.

As far as overall eating healthy, yes, fruit is good, but fruit is high in sugar and does't have the same benefits that a lot of veggies have. You need dark green leafy veggies, orange and yellow veggies, etc., for the variety of vitamins and minerals they provide.

And if for some reason you just cannot stomach plain veggies, you can add them to meals and "hide" them if you must. I put pureed spinach in my meatloaf and meatballs. I put pumpkin in my oatmeal. I make veggie soup with butternut squash and add a little yogurt and brown sugar and it tastes sweet, not veggie like. I do this as a matter of course, even though I love veggies ... because I know I can always benefit from more of them.

Ok, so that's my veggie lecture.

Next, as far as eating healthy, my favorite tip/trick for doing so is this: When you go grocery shopping, avoid the center aisles as much as possible. Shop from around the edges - the fresh produce, the meat, the dairy, eggs, etc. I venture into the center aisles for things like whole grain pasta, rice, dried beans, canned tomatoes, etc. The rest of the time I stay out of the middle part and the frozen foods part (except for frozen whole fruit and plain frozen veggies).

The other tip I have is this: Think about what you buy in terms of - would your grandmother/great grandmother recognize what you're eating? If it's something that your great grandmother wouldn't have been able to buy or make (frozen pizza, Smart Ones meals, 100 calorie packs, etc.) then avoid it. Stick with things your great g'mom would recognize - eggs, milk, veggies, meat, etc.

Here's an example of what I ate today - all whole foods and all healthy:

Breakfast: yogurt (Fage greek yogurt) w/ a little honey, 2 clementines
Snack: apple with sharp cheddar cheese
Lunch: bowl of cabbage and tomato soup (cabbage, onion, carrot, celery, diced tomatoes, in a chicken broth)
Snack: baby carrots dipped in low fat yogurt with a little ranch seasoning
Snack: 1/2 pb sandwich (2T pb on 1 slice of whole grain bread)

After I get home from the gym tonight, I'll have a scoop of protein powder in water and then about 8:30 I'll eat dinner which will be:
Bed of baby spinach, ever so lightly wilted in a little hot olive oil, chopped chicken breast, mushrooms, feta cheese, and some dried cranberries.

For dessert I'll have an Edy's whole fruit frozen lemon fruit bar.

In total, that's about 1550 calories, 30% from protein.

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Picky eating is sometimes the result of a deficiency. Do you take a well rounded multi?
Do you exercise?
Are your bowels regular?
Have you tried roasting your veggies?

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Ohh I second the sneaking veggies into foods idea! You can put them almost anywhere and nobody would even know lol. I like adding mashed cauliflower to mashed potatoes, or shredded carrots and zuccinni to pasta sauce.
Is it the taste of veggies or the texture you don't like?
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