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double cheeseburger from mcdonalds (their so oily and when I open the wrapper the wrapper is covered with oil and they make it so fast that it looks sloppy! I rather would make my own!) Gosh I use to eat cheap and when I wanted to eat cheap it was a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds and i am glad i haven't had one in a really long time.
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For ethical, environmental, and/or health reasons I will never again eat:

Fast food (mcdonalds especially)
bottled water
Boca and morning star
I won't drink milk anymore.
The only animal products I will eat directly are yogurt and eggs, and they must be organic.

Hersheys/Mars/Nestle chocolate, or any other brands that buy their cocoa bean from child laborers, and also use more sugar than cocoa, of course

And there are more, too, but I cant think right now
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I will never eat these things again:
Meats, any meats but I was gorging on Hamburgers, Beef dip sandwiches, and chicken wings.
White Breads (For the most part. I now buy a loaf of Ezekiel bread)
Milk (I have switched to soy milk)
Cheese (I am allergic anyway and have switched to soy cheese, if any)
Milk chocolate (I used to have a bar everyday)
Diet Products (Such has Skinny Cow, Protein Shakes, etc. These are diet busters in disguise waiting for us who are obsessed with dieting to buy them. Most of them are full of ingredients that many professionals and doctors speculate makes us fat despite whatever calories are in them.)
Sugary Sodas (I only have sparkling water now)
Froyo ( The "Healthy" dessert that is no where near healthy)
Mixed Coffee drinks (If I want coffee, I'll have it plain or with a soy creamer. preferably make it at home from organic beans. I can have the best coffee at home for nowhere near the price of Starbucks. The frappes are not worth fitting into my diet. Its about 1$ in cost for every 100-150 calories they add in a drink!)
Vitamin drinks (these have added sugar and lower my immune system)
"Healthy" Jamba Juice Smoothies- (I just make my own with frozen fruits at home. No more surprises from the store when you find out that smoothie snack is really 500+ calories)
Eggs- I cannot NOT overdo eggs. Healthy high protein snack? Not when I eat omlettes with 3 eggs twice a day. Now I just scramble tofu. For omegas I use flax.

Going vegan has helped me simply not even want to look at 99% of all the processed items at the grocery store. They are simply full of animal products for no reason at all. This helps me avoid extra fats, sugars, and cost. My trip to the store now consists of going to the bulk bins, then to the produce aisle, then to soy milks, yogurts, and other items, and maybe to the condiments if I need to restock.

& like MeganTheMushroom I am also trying to not use bottled water. Instead I put a little bit in my thermos now until I can get a new Stainless steel bottle.
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Yay for 2nd chances!
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helpings of self loathing, depression, anger, resentment,and boredom all wrapped up in unhealthy food. I refuse to eat my feelings anymore.
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Originally Posted by JackieRn View Post
I used to eat it as a kid but now for some reason, I can't even look at someone eating white bread (think classic white wonderbread). I just think of it as white, fluffy, and nutritionally irrelevant. I was watching tv and this guy was eating it and I couldn't watch. I know some people love the stuff and they have come up with some whole wheat white type but I'm not a fan. What's yours?
Wonder Bread actually puts out a Smart White bread now. I don't eat bread, but I buy this one for my 5 year old. It's chock full of vitamins, fiber, calcium etc.
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But, donairs are super yummy. And, when you've grown up with donairs, that gross, out-of place sauce they put in gyros is stomach-churning. (Though I hear the reverse is also true: if you're used to gyros, the sweet donair sauce is unsettling.) Also enjoy donair pizza

Something I'll never eat again? Pink Elephant popcorn, why did I use to like that crap? Gross.
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pork chops yuk!
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soda , and thas all.
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My list is more about switching from processed food to real food rather than cutting out foods themselves. For example I wouldn't eat mcdonalds french fries but I do make french fries from scratch at home, using healthy oil and fresh potatoes that I cut by hand. I would never say I won't eat a hamburger again but after seeing Food Inc. I haven't ordered a hamburger out at a restaurant since. I do make them at home with beef that I've ground myself and real cheese and real toppings.

Margarine - I can't believe I used to eat this stuff thinking it was healthy. Only real butter now.

Anything labeled low-fat or fat-free - that includes milk, cheese, yogurt and mayo. They put so much sugar in low fat foods that I can't eat them anymore. I like real mayo and a little goes a long way. The only people I see eating these highly processed foods are fat people who are trying to lose weight. Healthy people eat REAL food. I make my own mayonnaise.

Bologna - I have discovered mortadella which is much better and much healthier.

Artificial sweeteners - I drink unsweetened coffee and real soda - diet drinks are out of the question. That stuff is poison.

Pre-packaged baked goods - if i want a cookie I'll make it from scratch, if I want a muffin I'll make it from scratch. I don't want any HFCS in my foods.

Canned vegetables - except for tomatoes

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