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just me
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I am an avid (or is it anal?) calorie-counter. I can honestly say there is no food that I will never eat again, unless it is due to taste.

With that being said, I will NEVER eat food in the same quanitity or frequency as I used to.
I now go fast-food about once a month instead of everyday - with the exception of subway and another sandwich shop near home.
I cannot remember the last time I ate a twinkie, cupcake or other pre-packaged baked good

Funny thin tho', we went to dinner the other night and my husband ordered deep-fried, lightly breaded mushrooms. These used to be one of my favorite foods and I could have eaten durned near the entire plate all by myself.

I ate 3 and felt sick from the grease. They did not hold the appeal that they once used to.

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Fighting to be Fit
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Things I will never eat again:
Fast food
Top Ramen
Soda (unless organic raspberry!)
White Bread (bring on the whole wheat!)
& Anything containing High fructose corn syrup
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Originally Posted by junebug41 View Post
Packaged baked goods.
This is what I was thinking of. Specifically, Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin.
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After seeing that it contains 1900 calories and 120 grams of fat, I will NEVER again eat Chilis Chicken Crispers!
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hamburger/tuna/chicken helper
Processed garbage...mmm
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I am never going to eat hot dogs, white foods or packaged foods again.
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Doughnuts and other fried breads / white bread / processed meats / foods containing corn syrup / "diet" foods
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White bread is definitely something that I wont go back to, either.
Most fried foods . . . like popcorn shrimp, funnel cakes, breaded chicken, chicken fried steak (unless my mom cooks it). I NEVER WANT to go back to drinking soda! No doughnuts, no CAKE, no candy bars from the gas station or grocery store . . . no snack cakes

I love jack n the box . . . especially their curly fries . . . I honestly can't say whether or not I'll completely cut out fast food because I occasionally find room in my calories to have a small burger and a small fry with water or unsweet tea.
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Just Me
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Not to nit pick but fast food burgers are made with white bread

I never ate much white sandwich bread, its been so long since I started eating 100% whole grain bread, that I don't remember what I ate sandwiches on before then. I'm guessing sourdough bread, I loved to eat sourdough sandwiches.

I won't ever say I'll give up white bread because I do like sourdough bread and french bread and will eat them occasionally, perhaps a couple times per year.
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McDonald's - the last time i had one of their "burgers" and fires, I thought it tasted terrible, and sicne then my wonderful husband has commented on most McDonald's eateries smelling of armpits and unclean genitalia, which will kill any appetite you have for it.

Ramen - really high in fat and super-duper high in sodium. It was a cheap student meal, but just b/c something is 8/$1 doesn't mean you should eat it.
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mcDonalds has gotten rather nasty over the years...though I guess it was always garbage.
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Boston Qualifier and MOM
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I will honestly say that I will never say NEVER. I have many foods I would PREFER not to eat and foods that will fall dang far down the list given other choices, but I also know that I dont do well without eating and I have a couple times gotten stuck in an emergency where my choices were of the type listed above or nothing.

(i.e Going into the doctor for a routine checkup and having my 2 month old son put in an ambulance to go into PICU overnight and having the hotel cafeteria closed by the time we checked in. Dinner choices were some prepackaged nukable stuff out of vending machines that make McD's look natural and unprocessed - I dont know how you make a cheeseburger have a shelf life of MONTHS )
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Progress not perfection
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Mayo sandwiches I agree!

I wouldn't eat any meat, but it really grosses me out to see pigs feet and tongue and all that weird stuff... yuck-o
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happy in her own world
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my never eat again food items are more related to either having thrown them up before- or just plain eating too many. I threw up ramen, a snickers bar, and a corn dog- all in the same session... that was bad times. Those things are OFF my list of edible items. lol.
I used to eat a lot of vienna sausages when i was a little kid. just remembering how they smell gags me.
When I was on the south beach diet i ate a lot of those microwavable breakfast sausage links- i will never eat one of those again. real sausage maybe, and tvp sausage is good - but not those nasty little links. ugh.
i also can't stand the processed white bread. i mean, i'll eat white bread if it's ... like the milk & honey bread oh man thats good. but no wonder bread ever in my house. i remember mom used to methodically eat off the crusts then ball up the bread and eat it- and eat like a half a loaf at a time. gross.
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French fries...

This comes along with another thing I will never do again:

One of the ways I managed to put on as much weight as I have is that I could never say no to people. Sometimes to the point that I would eat one meal literally on top of the other so that I didn't have to let someone down (typically lunch with my mom, dinner with dad an hour later- ah the children of divorce). This happened not regularly, but often enough to know it was a bad idea until one day when I did it and spent half the afternoon nauseous on my couch and then the whole night with the porcelain gods. So not only will I never do that again, but I cannot look at another french fry without cringing.
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