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It's funny because my local Taco bell has those brochures too but they don't seem to understand "fresco'.I luvs me some Taco bell.
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Complain to the manager directly, and if the problem isn't fixed in what you feel is a reasonable time, contact the regional office - and keep going up the chain of command until you get a satisfactory response. Deviating from the approved menu is a pretty serious offense in franchiseland, because it undermines the very purpose of a franchise restaurant - that the consumer can rely on the food being consistent in flavor, quality, and value whether they're in Alaska or Wyoming.

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I can't bear to walk into Taco Bell yet! It's probably my only weakness..

It's just the aroma of chicken quesidillas, you know?
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I was in a newer store recently, and they actually had a Fresco section right on the main menu board! But, I've also been in others that don't know what it means. I think the whole thing has not been launched very consistently company-wide!
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I don't really like to eat fast food if I can help it (tastes “processed” and too salty for me), but last time I was on the road I hit up a TB for a quick lunch. It's one of the few fast food joints vegans can rely on when other food options are scarce or unknown (subway is the other one). I had no idea that ordering their food vegan now had a name, but the cashier very nicely explained I can just order "fresco style". But it sounds like you can't do that at every TB, so I'll probably continue to ask explicitly for no sour cream and no cheese.
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The fresco tastes good, but still too much calories for the amount of fill-up I get.
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