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They just don't work for me, they aren't filling enough for a snack. The packages are so tiny, 8 tiny little thin "oreos" just make me want another bag, or 2 more bags, or let's be honest, 5 more bags! heh
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Cheez-Its, and Pepperidge Farm Chessman and Chocolate Chunk cookies!
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I buy them, but not for myself. I use them for my son's school lunches.

I've never really gotten into the 100 cals packs. I don't really eat that many snack foods. Usually if I'm in the mood for a snack, I want potato chips or something of that nature.
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Although they are really small... I used to eat them alot... now that I am more into my counting, I try to eat more fruits then anything. I do buy snacks... all types, not just 100 calorie packs. I just make sure they are pre-seperated. My favorite 100 calorie pack... Cheetos. Yummy... because if I take a normal size back... I will eat it all... Lol.

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100 cal short bread cookies! yum!
its no good for me though because i dont eat just one, or two...
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I think this thread is interesting, different areas have different 100cal packs available. I haven't seen cheetos ANYWHERE. But I eat the grasshopper fudge house cookies (or whatever they're called), they cheez-nips or cheez-its, oreo thin crisps, 90 cal pack of quaker mini rice cakes, wheat thins (I eat a pack of these with a wedge of laughing cow for a snack of 130 cals). I also eat a lot of sugar-free pudding which is usually about 60cals per cup, the other AMAZING 100 cal thing I found is Klondike brand "slim-a-bear" bars. They're just vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate but I really like they're size and they are oh so yummy.

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weight watchers ice cream bars are also always really good and low cal!
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I was just reading in Prevention magazine where a study was done where people were given 100 calorie snack packs or normal sized bags of similar things (chips and other stuff). In the study, participants actually ate more when given the snack packs versus the full size containers. Of course I think its different if you say "only 1 and thats it" versus being given liberties to eat more than 1.
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I used them a lot when I first began my weight loss journey and I still had many cravings for sweets. As I have changed my eating habits I find that I don't crave sweets as much now. I just recently took about 6 boxes to work to share , I only kept a few boxes of my favs and they last me a long time now. No, they are not the healthiest choices but sometimes they are enough to hold me over till the next meal and they are easy to grab and go. Okay, so my favs are Keebler Grasshoppers, Choc covered pretzels and Tastycake Choc Brownie bars. I find the Hostess cupcakes dry, but I do like the coffee cake cupcakes with a cup of tea.
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