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Default Carbonated/Sparkling Water

I've been told that I should limit my intake of Diet soda because it's not good for you for a number of reasons and actually promotes weight gain (I still don't understand how completely) Anyway, I decided that even though I don't know the full reason why I've still been trying to ween myself off of it. I didn't drink it all the time, maybe 6 days out of the week I'll have a 24oz diet Pepsi.
So, I've been trying to drink flavoured carbonated water instead.
I was just curious if drinking carbonated water is better alternative than Diet soda, or if its the same thing?

I love drinking water, but sometimes I just need carbonation!

Thanks girls
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I like the carbonation, too. I like Perrier etc, but only get it for a treat. I don't know the answer to your question, but one thing that I have heard is that the artificial sweetner makes you crave sugar/carbs just like using real sugar. I don't know if this is true.
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Some of the carbonated waters have sweeteners, but I like the ones that have fruit essence but no sweeteners, artificial or otherwise. They are so refreshing!
If you are drinking something with artificial sweetener in it, it's the same thing basically as drinking diet soda.
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I believe the others are correct - it's the sweeteners you want to stay away from. So if it's not sweetened you should be fine.
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Yup, it's the sweeteners. La Croix and Mendota Spings are Delcious brands!! I think the lemon or lime ones kind of taste like sprite (ok, I know that's pushing it...but it reminds me of it)
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