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You guys are crazy, eggs are the best!

I can't stand chicken skin or grizzle, but that's pretty standard.

Cottage cheese
Green beans
Big slices of tomato in sandwiches
Russian dressing
Sweet pickles
Any sweet sausage
Hot dogs!
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A lot of these things on some of your lists I actually really like especially sushi!

I really like trying a lot of different foods below are the ones that I have tried and think are horribly disgusting:

Fried chicken feet - sooooooo gross (yes, I tried this)
Raw oysters
Anchovies (light flavor is okay, the whole fish blehhhhh)
Lard icing on cakes
Deep fried twinkie
Lately - anything dripping in grease

For the foods I haven't tried this takes the prize...

Donut burgers. 1,500 calories of pure gross. When I first saw a picture of one I thought it MUST be a joke, but sadly people actually consume these!

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It's about time
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So many of these you've mentioned are gross...

I think the most disgusting thing for me would be fat/gristle or whatever the tough stuff in meat is. I'm vegetarian now for about a year and a half, but before...once I was eating a Krystal Chik and hit a really tough spot...threw up right then and there. *shudder*

Also, the little white thing in the egg my mom called the "glitch." I can't stand the thought of it. I only use egg whites because I don't want to "have to" fish it out.

And that new chicken-on-chicken sandwich KFC has out now is about the epitome of revolting!

Any kind of fish...anything with gelatin in it...

Garlic cloves, too. Bleeeeech.

I'm a picky eater
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Fish I hate fish of any kind! Especially tuna in a can or pouch or whatever - just the thought of it makes me gag! Which is bizarre because I love raw oysters! And I love shrimp and crab and calamari! Weird!
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Mayonaisse!!!!!! Ew. And any beef that is cooked rare. Double ew.
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I love a lot of the things on some of these lists, but I have to say I don't like:

Canned peas, canned spinach (fresh = awesome)

Sea Urchin - I know it's supposed to be a delicacy, but yuck!

Rancid oil - especially the smell. My MIL buys "sale" grocery items, also known as past dated, and all the chips at her house smell like this. Also, many fried foods have this taste.

Pools of salad dressing, especially ranch, at the bottom of a salad. MIL also makes salad with more ranch than vegetable.

Usually, I am unhappy when stuff in a restaurant is really greasy and obscures the taste of the actual food it is covering. I like fat, but I don't only want to taste the fat.
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Originally Posted by Renwomin View Post

Donut burgers. 1,500 calories of pure gross. When I first saw a picture of one I thought it MUST be a joke, but sadly people actually consume these!

ugh, it kind of excites me.. But my grossout food is carrots, made any kind of way. They taste horrible, and make me gag every single time. I love carrot muffin though!
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Default I Will Never Eat:

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There are lots of foods I don't like, but I narrowed it down to what I just could not eat, in a situation like being a guest at someone's house, being all polite and such...

I could force down a small amount of lima beans, brussels sprouts if they were boiled (love the roasted ones), cooked spinach ( do like it raw)...but... I would have to make up an excuse that I just could NOT eat liver or other organ meats, or raw oysters.
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Goodbye Taco bell
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These are a few that I could not make myself eat no matter what (keep in mind I am a vegetarian)

Pork chop or any kind of pig really
sourcrout (sorry misspelled)

Just a few that I could not eat to save my life. ; )
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I don't like tomatoes, the texture is bleh. I don't like green peppers, looking at the little design inside them reminds me of dry skin (I know, weird).

My family loves vienna sausages. The smell is alone is sooooooooo disgusting. Who eats canned mini-hotdogs soaked in a weird gel? Seriously. Gross.

Seafood of all kinds. Fish smell is icky.

My boyfriend can't stand pickles or mustard, two of my favorites. ha
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Haha, I love this thread. I have some dislikes I haven't seen mentioned yet...

Gravy is revolting, especially the thick light brown kind my mom serves at Thanksgiving.

Most "big" meats such as steak, pork chops, and roast beef skeeve me out. I have nibbled on spare ribs, but can't imagine eating more than a bite or two.

A salad served with dressing already on it. I hear the lettuce leaves cry that they are drowning in an oil slick.

Mayonnaise is pretty gross, but I'll eat a little bit of it in tuna. When I see ribbons of mayo in something, I think ewww

Whitefish salad. I have Jewish heritage, but did not adopt a love for that dish.

I do eat some things that I think would gross most people out such as...

Salmon roe sushi (Ikura) - large, red fish eggs wrapped in rice and nori

Bacon bits as a snack, without a salad attached.
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