Where have you spotted Coke Zero as a fountain drink?

  • Hi, I'm Abie and I'm a recovering Coke Classic Drinker.

    I do not like Diet Coke at all but I do enjoy Coke Zero. I prefer fountain drinks over canned and would love to be able to get a nice cold frosty coke zero occasionally.

    I wish McDonalds had it because their fountain drinks have always tasted best to me =(

    So .. where have you spotted it?

    I'll start:

    I'm in Austin, TX and they have Coke Zero as a fountain drink at Taco Bueno.
  • I live in Central Kentucky and we have it at our local Subway and I have had it at a local sit down type restaurant as well. I look for it as well. I love it!! I wish more places carried it as a fountain drink. Especially McDonalds, maybe you could request it to the management. I know the guy who owns a couple of the McDonalds in our town, I may suggest it to him as well.
  • Wendys has it