"Regular" bread or "light" bread?

  • Which do you prefer and why? =)

    I am just starting to make the "leap" back to regular whole grain breads. Specifically I started eating the Vogel breads because they have flax in them. I noticed when I eat a sandwich now I am actually full! Versus when I would eat 3 sandwiches made with "light" and STILL be hungry... I am starting to wonder if the "light" stuff is really worth it? Or maybe this stuff is all in my head!!
  • I noticed that about light bread too... it didn't have quite the same fill factor. I eat whole grain bread now, as well as whole grain pitas, bagels, tortillas and English muffins. I just limit the amount I'm eating, so I'm not taking in a lot of calories.
  • I love love love and adore bread

    My favorite at the moment is soy & linseed, closely followed by "four seed" wholemeal - both are baked at my local grocery store.

    I love wholegrain/wholemeal because the texture is so much denser and filling.

    My parents bake their own and make these incredible pull-aparts and pizza bases which I happily tuck into when I visit them. I don't really like light airy fairy bread and I find white bread to be very bland and salty...and sometimes even a little chewy. Having said that I do love sour dough bread and I ADORE the Turkish pide bread from my local Turkish restaurant - no one elses, just theirs lol.

    Hmmm...I think I am a bread-a-holic
  • I vote for homemade bread!

    I realize not everyone has the inclination or the time to make bread though (plus it's slightly higher in cals.) So, I'd say regular. Especially if it keeps you full longer. If I actually buy bread I look for the whole grain bread with the most fiber per slice and no hfcs or transfats.
  • I try to buy sugar free bread or minimalistic bread. Walmart actually carries a whole grain bread that is called sugar free and it has pretty good ingredients, 60 calories/slice. Costco also carries a whole grain bread without added sugar, and it is a bit more calories at 80/slice. Since I try not to eat bread, it is mostly for my husband who has a high metabolism as it is so I don't worry too much. I do worry overall about the ingredients in the bread as well as calories so those are what I look at.
  • Always regular whole grain bread. I've never eaten a lite bread so I can't compare. I'd rather have a smaller portion of "real" food than the diet/lite stuff.
  • Definitely smaller amounts of real bread for me as well.

  • Real bread!
  • I love the "nutty" flavor of whole grain (wheat or mixed grain) bread and that is all I will generally eat now. Whole grain has a little more (healthy) fat in it so when I was young and fixated on low-fat, I tended to eat low fat/light breads.
  • Real - and specifically whole grain or mixed grain (not just plain "wheat" which is misleading). I do like to make my bread when I can, but if not, I try to get bakery bread with whole grains in it - where you can see them when the bread is sliced.

    I agree that it fills me up more than "light" bread.

    But there is also the element that I try to avoid anything marked "lite" or "diet" becuase in general you're just trading one bad thing for another - sugars for fats, or whatever.

    Same reason I don't eat fake butter. I'd rather limit myself to a teaspoon of the real thing, than eat the fake stuff.

  • I love "real bread" I am trying to cut back, but instead of eating that light stuff (which is gross) I will eat a whole grain tortilla or flat breads. I guess I would rather have one peice of real bread then two pieces of fake stuff