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Default Help withmeal plan

I'm just having a hard time with planning a good day. Can someone help plan a good meal plan? I think I can have up to 30 points on the weight watchers plan. I think once I have idea what a good plan is I'll be ok. Or maybe someone know a good web site.
Thanks for the help
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Ever since they went to points, I steer away from WW since you almost have to follow their recipies and eat their products. Expensive and limiting for you and profitable for them. Two good sites to help plan meals and nutritional infogoldmine are which is REALLY GREAT and can help you with choices and to track it if you have the time. Ask your Dr. for a free Diabetic food chart and pamphlets that have nutrition details and portion sizes.
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You can eat ANYTHING you want on the ww plan as long as you stay within the points that you are allocated for the day. As you know, this is done by breaking out the fiber, fat and calories in each food you pick and by using the side rule. You DO NOT have to eat their products or follow their recipes. You can even make your own recipes since week one tells you how much a cup of sugar, flour etc. is worth for cooking purposes. You can go to a book store and look at one of their cookbooks and they will give you a months worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas with the points listed for each meal. In one of the week pamphlets that you will get at ww, they will tell you how many points to spend on protein, milk, vegies and breads etc. on a daily basis for a healthy eating plan. You can certainly also ask your leader for help, they are there to make this easy for you.

Good luck!
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I have a variety of things everyday.
Breakfast foods: Oatmeal w/ lowfat milk, sprinkle cinnamon and splenda. You can have 2 pieces of low fat toast with it also, spray butter spray on it, it is 0 cals and 0 fat.
3 scrambled egg whites with onions, tomatoes and green peppers. Put the eggs on 2 tortilla's (Don Pablo makes low fat high fiber ones) add some salsa.
Kashi breakfast cereal with low fat milk.
English muffins with 1 egg white scrambled and a little chopped onion. Or spray with butter spray.
Lunch: 2 tortillas with no fat refried beans and salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, low fat sour cream.
A turkey sandwich with low fat mayo (low cal bread), add some lettuce and tomatoes.
Subway, LOL. They have some great subs for low points.
Chicken breast on a bed of greens, onions, tomatoes, croutons, and low cal, low fat dressing.
Dinner: I have chicken with mashed potatoes and a veggie.
Slow cooker enchiladas, really good and low in points. (will post if you want it)
Low cal/fat all turkey hot dogs on a low/cal wheat bun only 2 points! Sometimes I get the coney sauce to go on them.
I eat anything for dinner, just add up the points!
The tortillas I buy come out to 0 points, but I add them as 2 tortilla is 1 point.
Hope this helps
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Thumbs down Idea's for healthy eating

Hi gang-
Im new here and thought Id share some of my healthy idea's:

Breakfast: I love yogurt. Some other good ideas are fruit; low cal toast with spray butter or jam; oatmeal with skim milk and water; smoothie: fat free strawberry-banana yogurt, banana, 5-6 ice cubes and BLEND!!; egg-white omlet with veggies; pancakes using non-stick skillet and low-cal syrup.
Lunch: turkey on wheat, big salad with low cal dressing; steamed veggies; english muffin pizza with low fat cheese, spaghetti with plain marinara; veggie burger; baked sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon.
Snack: Sugar free orange jello with mandarian oranges, marshmallows and ff cool whip (delish!); Sweet Rewards brownies; low fat yellow cake mix- mix cinnamon in batter and bake; apples with ff caramel; ff chocolate pudding with ff cool whip and lf graham crackers;pretzels dipped in mustard; frozen yogurt...

I could go on and on. Hope this helps someone!

May the peace of God be with you!
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Thumbs down

Hello there,

try, they have great healthy mealplanning and facilities like shopping lists.
also try www. under the healthy section, for more links and good ideas.

greetings from Athens,

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Lightbulb ideas

hi frog
eat things that you enjoy buy in small portions. eat lots of veggies, drink water and treat yourself to the occasional junk food so you don't out later

i hope this helps


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Talking Here is a day from last week!

Here is one of the days from my journal last week!

B- Vanilla WW smoothie-3 points
1 roll- 3 points
1 banana- 3 points

Snack- 1 orange- 1 point

Lunch- WW tuna casserole- 6 points

1/4 cup guacamole- 2 points
chips- 2 points

4 mm/ 1 hershey kiss- 2 points

Dinner- hamburger- 6 points
1/2 c mashed potato- 2 points
Broc- 0 points

If you need more help. PM or email me at the address of the bottom of the page. I buy some WW frozen dinners for work, but I eat alot of regular food you buy in the store.
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Question where are you frog

frog: have lost all your weight and don't need post any more. if you did post how you did it.

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