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Default Crystal Lite... does it count as regular water intake ?

Hi, I know that soda, etc. shouldn't be counted towards my water intake goal, but do you guys count Crystal Lite towards water intake ? I drink a lot of the caffeine free ice tea... prob 2 liters a day...
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Some people will tell you it counts, others will say it doesn't. There are tons of threads that debate the issue, so you can use the search bar to search water (and/or) Crystal Light, if you don't get a lot of people responding here.
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It counts in my book!

Cooking Light ran an article (Fluid Fundamentals) recently about how much water we should consume and their experts said that just about about any beverage and a lot of foods count towards your water intake. They counted a lot of stuff you wouldn't normally think would count, like soda, coffee, wine, and bread (yes, even bread has water in it and that water counts).

I imagine that plain water or water with a smidgen of fruit juice (such as a lemon wedge) is the best source of hydration but if that doesn't work for you (and it doesn't work for me), then I think Crystal Light is fine. I drink one 12 oz glass of plain water a day. The rest of the time I drink flavored beverages (Crystal Light, coffee, tea, fruit infused waters, etc.) and I'm able to stay very well hydrated on those beverages.
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Well my body doesn't think it counts.
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If you drink a glass of water with a bowl of cherries, do you count the water?
If you drink a glass of water with cherry flavor added, is it not still water?

The actual recommendation is for fluids, not specifically water. Plus water is in most foods we eat. The water in grapes even counts
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I'm going to go with that^ answer.
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I would say it counts, but don't forget the value of the calories and sugars and so forth that you're consuming.

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