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nanj 03-09-2008 10:43 PM

Making Yogurt
I love Fage yogurt! BUT...to get it I have to travel 90 miles round trip and it cost $4.69 a carton. So, after reading articles and asking people in some of my cooking groups about making yogurt, I decided that I could do this. I bought a one quart yogurt machine for around $16.00 and made my first batch last night.

I used 2% milk, 1/2 c. of dried milk, and 1/2 c. of my precious Fage yogurt for my starter. It was suppose to cook (for thicker and tarter) yogurt for 8 to 10 hours. I forgot and it went for about 15 hrs. It was solid, smooth, creamy and I don't think it is a tangy as Fage, but it is good. It doesn't have the shelf life of the Fage yogurt, but I don't have to travel 90 miles round trip to get it.

If anyone has any suggestions or have made it before, please let me know your secrets and tips. The whole quart I made didn't cost as much as one 16 oz. container of Fage. I also picked up a new Graham Kerr yogurt strainer at the resale shop and will be making some yogurt cheese for tomorrow.

Hope you are all doing well, especially your newbies. I've got snow up to my..... well it is pretty high and getting stuck in the house gave me a chance to use my Splenda cookbook. I made a Lime Cheesecake with a nut crust and a batch of Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies. The cheesecake was really tart, but good. Loved the nut crust. About 15 grams of carbs for 1/12 sized piece so it was sliced and went straight to the freezer for a once a month treat. My family said the Chocolate Chip cookies were great. I made small loaves, for my DD and DH ,from the same cookbook, of banana bread and they said it was excellent. I was afraid to try the cookies and the banana because I probably would have ended up in a carb coma! Grabbing handfuls and eating them like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street!!

Suzanne 3FC 03-10-2008 12:22 AM

Oooh, I have a yogurt maker and have never tried it out. Like you, I have to travel approx 100 miles round trip to buy Fage (and many other good quality foods) and would like to do what I can from here. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll have to give it a try too :)

FlourGirl 03-10-2008 09:19 AM

I know my MIL use to make her own yogurt. She didn't have a yogurt maker though. I'm not sure how she did it. I'll have to ask her and then I'll post how she did it. I would be interested in trying this too.


Schmoodle 03-10-2008 10:05 AM

I have a yogurt maker and make my own when I can, especially if my milk from the dairy is getting close to expiration - it's a great way to use it up! I know you don't need a maker to do it though, you can use a thermos container or a heating pad under a glass container to keep it at the right temperature. The trickiest part for me is getting it at the right temp to add the starter. I have a tendency to walk away and get distracted, but overall it's a very simple process. To get Greek yogurt, you need to strain your end product through cheesecloth or a dishtowel to remove some of the water and get a thicker, creamier texture.

2beautiful2Bfat 03-10-2008 10:32 AM

I am very interested in this topic. Where do you get a yogurt maker? Can you add fruit to it? Can you make different flavours? I usually buy nonfat yogurt for $1 for 5-7 oz depending on brand. Woudl it be cheaper to make my own?

gailr42 03-10-2008 05:08 PM

I tried making yogurt with a styrofoam cooler and a heating pad etc. It didn't come out very well! I had forgotten all about this, and I never thought of trying the fage yogurt - what a great idea! I think I will buy a yogurt maker - what kind did you get?

nanj 03-10-2008 05:56 PM

Yogurt maker
I bought a Salton YM9 for under $20.00. It is a quart size because I don't want a bunch of little jars in my frig for DH and grandchildren to knock over. It has a lid for the frig and a ladle. Very simple machine. I know there are other ways to make it, but this is so simple. I did have to have a new candy thermometer because mine got broken, but that isn't really necessary. My cost for a quart of plain yogurt was probably around 63 cents. Gallon of milk was on sale for $2.50 and I already had tons of dried nonfat milk that someone had given me. I'm figuring there is about 77 cal. for 1/2 c. and 6 prot. and 8 sugars. Since I need the higher protein, probably will add a little unflavored protein powder in it. The greek yogurt strainer cost me a dollar at a resale shop. So right now it is cheaper for me to make it. But, I won't be able to find milk on sale every week.

I'd like to try the skimmed milk on my next batch. I won't do flavored because I also like to cook with the yogurt.

ennay 03-10-2008 06:02 PM

My mom used to make yogurt... she just used a big glass jar, no yogurt maker. It isnt that hard if you have a good starter.

Tanginess...I know the longer it ages, the tangier it gets.

Darkblue 03-11-2008 12:44 AM

My mother used to make yogurt. She had a long oval heater unit with 4-6 little jars. I remember the yogurt being quite tart, so we'd mix in chopped fruit. Must ask her if she still has it...hmm.

suitejudyblueeyes 03-11-2008 03:01 PM

Hillbilly Housewife has a great run-down of how to make your own yogurt. I've been itching to try this for ages but still haven't.


She's VERY frugal, so she uses powdered milk and water instead of regular milk due to the price difference. Obviously it works either way. :)

gailr42 03-11-2008 08:57 PM

How fun. I have tried to make yogurt without sucess. Maybe I'll try again using her method.

nanj 03-12-2008 08:05 AM

Yogurt cheese
Thank you for all of the suggestions and comments. I did run my yogurt through the yogurt seive last night. The yogurt cheese that was left is of the consistency of cream cheese, but a whole lot tangier. I will be using it for cooking. My next batch's starter is going to be the Stonefield because it has four more bacillus in it as compared to the Fage.

I even got my DH eating the homemade yogurt by putting splenda and berries in his.

The Hillbilly Housewife: I love her website. Haven't been on there in a while. Thanks for reminding me.

gastronome 03-13-2008 09:48 PM

Wow, your thread inspired me to make my own yogurt. It was suprisingly really easy, I just boiled the milk waited until it cooled then added a couple scoops of Fage yogurt. Then I just let it sit for 1 day and it came out as yogurt! It is like nothing I've ever had before. Not tart like the store bought ones, but almost like solidified milk kind of sweet. I LOOOOOOVED it. Thank you so much for inspiring me!

nanj 03-13-2008 11:49 PM

Homemade Yogurt Convert
I was so surprised how easily you can make yogurt. I'm glad yours turned out well and you like it. My DH has been taking it to work every morning with berries and granola. To night he was "snacky" and decided to try the yogurt cheese and Fiber One crackers. He really, really liked it. I'm glad because I make a quart at a time and that is a lot to eat when you don't eat much at a time. Let me know if you rn into any little tricks that help make better yogurt.

zenor77 03-16-2008 02:09 AM

I make my own yogurt as well. I noticed that you use a 1/2 cup of yogurt as a starter. I only use 2 Tablespoons and I "chain yogurt" about 4 times (use 2 T of homemade yogurt for the next batch that is) before using more "fresh" starter. You can freeze yogurt in ice cube trays (1 cube=2T) and then thaw before use. It works beautifully!

I use a West Bend yogurt maker that I found at a yard sale.

If anyone is interested in detailed directions, see if your library has a copy of The Tightwad Gazette. This is the book I learned how to make yogurt from. The author also has directions on how to make yogurt wiht out a yogurt maker.

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