Protein on the go...

  • I don't have a fridge at school, and I'm trying to focus on getting less carbs and more protein in my diet. However, the only meat that I eat is fish and seafood. Any suggestions on some proteins that I can bring to school with me that won't spoil and isn't too expensive? I feel like I'm shooting in the dark here, but I was hoping to get some input from other chicks

  • In a lunch bag with a freezer pack, you could carry almost anything, like yogurt, cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs, tuna salad etc . Otherwise, how about string cheese? Individual cans of tuna?
  • They make tuna and salmon in pouches that don't require draining. I buy Starkist Tuna Sensations, which have some flavorings, and eat them straight out of the pouch with a fork. They sell plain tuna and salmon in pouches and little cups too.

    I think that pre-cooked shrimp would be ok sitting out for a few hours, as long as they're sitting at room temp and not in a hot room or in the sun. You could make shrimp cocktail or shrimp salad.

    Like Meg suggested, string cheese, or any cheese pre-sliced, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese. These are things that should be refrigerated, but again, I think that if you left them at room temp until lunchtime they'd be ok (I've done this myself). Protein bars (store bought or homemade) can stay out. Kashi GoLean cereals have higher protein contents. Raw nuts have protein, fiber, and good fats.

    Ask for an insulated lunch bag for your birthday, or treat yourself to one. They're not terribly expensive, IMO, but look at a store like Ross or Marshall's and they're even cheaper. You can even freeze a normal plastic bottle of water overnight, stick it in whatever your food bag currently is, and it will help keep things cool.
  • Cheese sticks and protein shakes. They've saved me many times. I buy the 1 or 2% fat cheesesticks and eas advantedge low carb shakes at SAMS.
  • Thank you all for the suggestions!

    Next time I go grocery shopping, I'm going to stock up on all of the food that you suggested. I also looked up a recipe for bean salad, and I found a site that gave me all sorts of options. It suggested being creative - mix the beans with any combination that tickles your fancy of vinegars, lemon juice, olive oil, fresh veggies, and herbs for flavoring.

    Someone on the board suggested eating tuna with vinegar or mustard instead of mayo, so yesterday after I realized that there was sugar in the mayo that I had left at work for my tuna salad, I brought red wine vinegar instead. It was very yummy!

    I also love salmon straight from the can, with nothing mixed in. When I can afford the calories, I'm going to bring that, as well.

    All this protein and no carbs or sugar is already doing wonders for me. I'm less moody, less tired, I stay full longer, and my stomach feels better. Plus, instead of eating just 3 big meals, I'm pretty much eating several small meals throughout the day, so I get to eat more! Who can argue with that?

    Have a wonderful Friday!
  • Quote:
    Ask for an insulated lunch bag for your birthday, or treat yourself to one. They're not terribly expensive, IMO, but look at a store like Ross or Marshall's and they're even cheaper.

    I just got one at Ross for $3.99 that I had looked at elsewhere for $12.99!
  • Don't forget nuts, tons of protein there! I'm also a big fan of protein bars and have one every morning on my way to the gym.
  • wisher,

    I am a huge fan of nuts, but they can be a trigger food for me

    My supermarket has unsalted, roasted ones, or I could just do raw. The raw would probably be best to avoid vegetable oil. When I go shopping, I'm going to buy some and try the pre-prepared baggies again.

  • If you like them, sardines or kippered herring are high in protein and high in omega 3s (and low in calories if you get the kind that aren't canned in oil). One can is one serving, so no refridgeration required. I eat them on very thin crackers with mustard.
  • Great ideas so far. I second the sting cheese. It keeps well all day in those individual portions. Also the tuna in a pouch is really nice just on its own with fruit. I got thru a vacation using the pouches as my morning protein ( yes -not everyone will think tuna for breakfast is o.k.) along with the fruit from the complimentary breakfast. Soy nuts also work for me. For some reason a tablespoon or two in one of those snack bags along with an apple, washed down with a ton of water is very filling.
  • Hey Penelope,

    Well I'll be the oddball and say....South Beach Diet waterbottle packets Yes they say they have protein on the box, and they are just like the crystal light juice packets - think they come in a box of 6 or so. they work extremely well! They have strawberry banana and tropical flavors so far.... I drink one whenever I feel like I need it to tide me over, or maybe with lunch or something.
  • BlueToBlue - I used to LOVE sardines when I was younger. I remember that one of my older siblings used to eat them, as well, because they were so cheap. I can't imagine eating them in public though - the smell!!

    tommy - I'll have to see if my supermarket carries soy nuts. Regarding the tuna and salmon in a pouch that a few people have mentioned, I would love to add that to my food list, but they're so expensive

    txangelgirl - Thank you for the tip - the packets sound cool. Do they have sugar in them? I'm trying not to have anything with added sugar.
  • Hey Penelope,

    you can read a little more under the subtitle south Beach Diet Living Drink Mix here:{8F3AA832-BABD-4A30-9D06-BC95D28E92B8}&dist=TQP_Mod_pressN

    The nutritional info is as follows (per my box)
    30 calories
    0 fat
    20 mg sodium
    5g carbs
    5 g dietary fiber
    3g protein
    0 sugar
  • well i was going to post and try to help, but everyone here already said what i was going to say :P

    but i got some good ideas for myself, so thanks!
  • My territory in Manhattan is Downtown thru upper Midtown and I know how hard it is to carry food or stay away from the street foods. I've now made it simple for myself and bought Pro-NOS whey powder. I just mix it in a bottle of water and it's quite tasty and it also cures my sweet tooth. I only do about 3/4 of 1 scoop to keep the cals down but it does the trick for me (1 serving = 2 scoops = 300 cals and 42g protein).